Eagle Basics??

Can someone throw me some basics here? Like which of his moves are the highest priority etc…? I’ve just started playing SF again since i got CVS2Live, and I dont have anyone to practice with except the peeps online :confused: I’d appreciate any eagle n00b tips you can offer. thanks

go to the main eagle section of the forum. scroll to the bottom of the screen. pull down the list and that says order from… and choose 60 days. the old big eagle thread will now show up. all the basic stuff is in there

basically what i know is, his QCB+FP is a good surprise for jumpers and it has a nice priority, i consider him a Graceful Fury character or a Hit and run character, he doesnt combo too well, so hes best to stike hard and fast

his grab is pretty strong, and u can use hi QCF+FP while the person is on the ground to catch them off guard, if they try to hit u, u have an invincibilty frame and a free shot, they can only block, or grab if u attack too slow

his HCF+K is his best move, its surprising and has a decent damage rate. His supers are nothing great, but u can combo his level 2 QCF, QCF+P super into the level 1 version of either of his supers if u put the command in at the right time. However, its weaker then just doing a level 3

Well, I’d have to say that’s mostly wrong. If anything d,db,b-LP is best since it doesn’t leave Eagle vulnerable too long. MP/HP versions are better only if you think you’re going to get crossed up. d,df,f-P has autoblock as long as you old P so use it as a counter often, it does good damage, and is more versatile (in my opinion) than, say, Geese’s counters. His supers are both really good, as long as you are careful about when to use them. d,db,b,d,db,b-P is great when your opponent rolls into/past you and just whenever you’re getting up from knock down or when your opponent is getting up and has only smitherines or health left. b,db,d,df,f-K and d,df,f,d,df,f-P are both very strong but leave you very vulnerable, use trhem only in sure sutuations. crouching MK can be cancelled into b,db,d,df,f-MK which can then be cancelled into a super and if the lv.3 d,df,f,d,df,f-P gets blocked quickly to d,df,f-MP as it ends to stop any retaliation. The most important tools he has are crouching HK with godly range and knockdown; standing HP with great range and enough height to snuff jumpers and crouching HP which is a great anti-air, but stays out awhile.

Eagle does lots of damage and can be very agressive or very defensive, but he’s really technical, you need to learn what to use when, more so than most characters, but he can be ruthless. Try staying just withing cr.HK range most of the time, controlling with normals and reacting with specials.