Eagle CVS 2 ("No time for looser's")



My friend and I are interested in playing eagle. I 've haven’t seen a thread for Eagle in a while so I will start one. Feel free to post away.:o :smiley:


Eagle has lots of mind games after he knocks his opponent down. I got thrown like 5 times in a row because I didnt know what was happening.


QCF+LP is faster, but has less startup frames where he can’t be hit high. QCF+HP has enough invulnerability frames that you can counter most jump-ins and cross-ups (if not all) but he’ll spin around for a while. QCF+P is also good for short jump rushdowns and people who like to try to roll behind you.


Well, Eagle is good in mind games.

Because simply he has good reach, counter, deflections, overhead moves, anti air moves.

good overall character.

disadvantage is very short cross up kick.

For me he is good at c and n groove.


K-Groove Eagle borders on a war crime.

I usually play Tier 3 Eagle, Tier 1 Vega (American Bison) and there’s not much of a chance if Eagle gets Raged. :smiley:

P.S. - Eagle’s J.FP is an INCREDIBLE Anti-Air.


Eagle does have very good counters…but it’s better just to stay aggresive with him. The counters are primarily used in case the opponent is a little more frickin aggresive (and predictable) than you are. His move where he dashes across the screen is one of the most usefull that he has (HCB + K). the move is extremely fast and should be put to use more often to close space. His sweep has a good reach but won’t hit the opponent if he/she is too close. Stick with the duck + MP to score a solid two hit and then sweep when their knocked back. By the way…K groove is by far his best groove. When he’s setting up his counter, he can absorb fireballs to build up his k groove meter without taking damage. He can even deflect fireballs (FDF + P)


who are eagle’s worst matchups? Surprisingly I don’t think Sagat and Blanka are too teribly diffcult unless they RC everything. So who is?


I think Cammy and Bison give Eagle a tough time…Vega is a toss up as well.

Fei Long Art

Hmmm. strange. I think Eagle takes care of both Cammy and Vega. I think Bison is decent against Eagle but nothing to actually be worried by. I use C Eagle though.

I would do a list but, Eagle can hang with anyone and a list would take too long really. It’s easier to say that he can overcome any match-up. No one just walks all over him.



Well I’m not saying Eagle can’t win those fights, just I always had difficulty with them. Yes I too firmly believe Eagle could win any match. Nobody really counters him. So why isn’t he nationally considered top-tier?? Is it because he doesn’t have a real “get off me” move? Chun Li doesn’t either and she’s probably the 2nd or 3rd best character.


You can RC his lariat move, that is a REALLY great move to RC… Crouching MK is one his best pokes, very high priority and very quick, Standing HP and Crouching RH are both good far range pokes too. Standing MP and C.FP both work reliably well for anti airs as well, and jumping FP works extremely well for this situation. His combos are very easy to perform : C.lp, C.lp, S.MK, HCF.MK is his b&B, or C.lp, C.lp, C.mk, super… I also think his dash is one of the better dashes in the game, it is very quick and it is a hop, if your fast enough you can hop over someone knocked down twice. I do believe rushdown can hurt him, especially you cannot roll cancel, but he has a wide variety of tools to use to keep your opponent at bay.


Honestly, the reason would be that everything Eagle can do, other characters can do but, with a lot less work. He’s dope but, so are Cammy/Blanka/Sagat/Bison/Sakura/Guile/Vega. Not enough ppl use him to realize how he counters some characters. Ppl just haven’t seen enough evidence in tourneys I suppose.

Edit:Oh yeah, Chun’s get off me move is RC LLegs, heheh.



Eagle is a very interesting character to use. I love to play him 50/50 that being 50 defensive and 50 offensive. The thing with eagle that ive learned from watching the top players play like APOC and Nelson is that you can attack at any time and still be defensive and win a match. Most characters like blanka and sagat dont rely a lot on mind games IMO. Eagles Mind games are sick i love his c.strong move it stops the runners from coming in on him. C.fierce a pretty decent move the angle is a little wierd for me (Apoc Ive seen your Eagle :eek: ) very sacrey my friend. I also underdstand why you like him in Cgrove.

I think Eagle can hang with the big boys like Sagat and Blanka but i believe you he has to be in the right hands. So for those that are sleeping on him Watch Nelson and Apoc your mind will change.

Apoc, Eagle j.strong is it a good move to use in Air-Air battles. Also does he have a Cross up at all


Eagle has four great air moves.

Fierce is for air-air when they are above you, strong is for when they are horizontal. Forward is for jump-ins, and instant overhead jump back. Roundhouse is for crossups and for damage if you get a clean jump-in. (Otherwise use forward to start combos)


thanks man for the information. Eagle i feel is aunderrated character in CvS2. I have a friend that uses him and he is pretty nastey with him. Also watching some of the top players use him was awesome to see.


Wow, thanks bro:D

On the cross-up thing, his cross-up is RH. You kind of have to get used to the way his sprite changes when he does it. He sort of leapfrogs so you can actually use this move to lift your sprite a bit forward in the air to reach over projectiles and such. Similar to Honda’s jumping short butt. The sprite size change is interesting. But the RH as a cross-up is a great pressure tool. Depending on when you hit the button on the cross-up, you can land on either side of the opponent. You can do a normal cross-up or do a cross-up that must be blocked like a cross-up while Eagle still lands in their face. This is what buktooth was calling fake cross ups. Don’t forget though how it can be used to reposition yourself in the air though.

It’s kind of wierd but the jumping RH is very useful after understanding it fully.

If you just want to use it as a normal cross-up. A decent ranger would be to get them to block two low jabs and then jump. Generally, that’s the right range to use it as a normal cross-up although you kinda have to hit the RH a bit high.

Thanks again for the vote of confidence:D



I was reading his thread about his trip to Japan and SBO. I was reading the cross up section and i knida have a understanding of it. If you got a more detail way of explaining it that would be sweet


The “fake crossup” occurs because you hit them as a crossup.
But! Since you are hitting them early in your jump, they get pushed back. Now, being pushed back means that when you land, you land in front of them, because they are now behind where they were when you hit them.

This is how fake crossups work.


good info apoc. In one of your matches against justin wong ( i think it was the MWC not sure) u used alot of c.strong instead of c.RH. was there any particular reason for that. Thanks in advance


Yeah. I was playing like shit. Heheh. My peeps back home saw that vid and was like “wtf!?” I even watch and think “wtf was I doing?” My only explanation would be that after getting top 16(which I shouldn’t have qualified for imo) I partied all night and hadn’t slept and I started brainfarting when I couldn’t RC like I had done just the day before? I dunno, sounds good to me but I’d have to watch it again, heheh.

Anyway, low rh is too risky to just throw out. You wanna be darn sure they are going to, at least, block it. Strong is best as a counter to other mid pokes at a good range while being able to cancel into a rush on reaction. Low forward is probably his most balanced ground poke. If I were you I’d stick to low forward and then low strong and low fierce for counters to cancel out of although using fierce is “character specific” if you get my meaning.
Low RH is best after they are made to understand not to attack from the air(aside from the obvious use of punishing a whiff from a mile away). Still, EVERYtime you crouch, watch closely, they may be attempting a jump if they’ve caught your rhythm. As long as you look before you leap, cr. is gold. Try and create a string that ends in low RH that leaves few gaps. Do that string a couple of times. By the 3rd time, a decent player will be watching for that low RH opening but will actually jump before they see it. Knock em back in the corner, they second guess the next time naturally, you get to throw it out again safely based upon their natural inclination to not make the second mistake twice…etc. heheh.

Those are the real general uses for those while poking. Don’t pay attention to that vid. There’s prolly 20 seconds when I play Eagle properly, heheh.

ah well, gotta run:)