Eagle Moveset and Attributes

**Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.**


July 7, 2004
Im too lazy to put in frame data right now. Im just killing time while my nuggets cook.

Right now I will just put moves in random order, maybe later they will be complete.

July 27, 2004
Ok, this list is a bit more complete than when I started, For frame data refer to popoblo’s post, Click Here.

Please feel free to post anything that should be added or changed.

When this thing gets bigger i’ll try to put a clickable toc…



  • Very good combo starter, combos into useful moves like s.forward, c.foward, and c.fierce
  • Good up close to start poke string
  • Can link into cc


  • Low hitting combo starter, combos into another c.short, and more easily c.jab


  • Perhaps eagles best poke. This move will beat a lot of low hitting moves, and slower high hitting moves. Usually loses against moves like cammy s.roundhouse.
  • Super cancellable but not special cancellable
  • Can activate on reaction if you are close and it is a counter hit (ie close enough to hit another c.forward or a s.forward)
  • This move sticks out quite a lot, it can often be used outside its range to build meter and stop the person from walking in, as well as beat there longer ranged low hitting pokes. Used like this it seems hard to punish (unless predictable)
  • Links into s.forward. This link is very easy on counter hit, punishing rolls/anti-wakeup (meaty attacks).
  • Will stuff cammy’s s.roundhouse from further out than s.forward (Apoc)


  • Most often used to combo into special (hcf+short/forward)
  • This move sticks out a lot and comes out pretty quickly
  • Good for stuffing moves like cammy s.roundhouse and spiral arrow (at the proper distance… this is by no means free)

s.fierce (far)

  • Good to chip away at guard meter
  • Outranges most characters moves
  • Slow in coming out, so thought is necessary in using this move
  • Use to punish wiffed moves from far away.
  • If you condition your opponent to blocking at the end of your poke strings (which are usually used to combo into super/special) you can tag on this move at the end (it is not safe but it can get lots of damage/guard bar)


  • Exact same points as s.fierce but with knockdown
  • Like s.fierce, this move is constantly on the opponents mind at that range, sometimes they will get antsy and jump/roll to try to escape them and punish. Although jumping will be hit by s.fierce


  • Very fast mid hitting move
  • First hit is cancellable
  • Pushes people away
  • This move seems to beat/trade some moves that c.forward wont because of the hitbox of the other character (ie athena c.fierce often goes over c.forward)
  • Very long reach, the first hit has more reach than c.forward.


  • Very high reaching anti air. This move will pretty much stop characters with high jumps (bison, chun li) - especially if they attempt to cross up (jumps that are far in front are fairly ambiguous and it is not always best to use this move). It can turn matchups like c-chun into entirely footsie based round.
  • Very good anti air against all normal/super jumps, the range in front is fairly deceptive and it hits high directly above eagles head.
  • Fairly weak against lowjumps (cant be done on reaction all the time)
  • Cancellable

s.fierce (close)

  • This move starts hitting from above eagles head, I believe slightly behind where a c.fierce would, it can stop some people from crossing up.
  • In situations where you want to throw but they might jump, this move will often come out and hit them out of the air.

s.roundhouse (close)

  • Pretty much only use this move as a meaty attack, on counter hit it can be combo’d into for example c.forward/s.forward
  • On a perfect meaty attack this move leaves you at -1 (non-counterhit)

s.roundhouse (far)

  • Heavy hitting low-mid ranged move.
  • Use this when you want to poke a short character (crouching iori) for some guard bar or possible a counter hit depending on what you have set up (this move hits lower than s.fierce which will wiff).


  • On close low jumps this move can be used as an anti-lowjump
  • Can be used as an anti air, although imo it is not his best one. In situations where this move would be good I prefer j.strong (straight up usually). Against c-groove when people jump in from far it is a safer move to use than forward j.strong as it is ground based.
  • Possibility of anti-airing on the first and second hit of this move
    (Although I myself cannot reliably use this move, it doesnt mean that it cannot be, so I will give credit to Apoc as I believe he was the first to mention this, even in the old Eagle threads)


  • This is a very good air to air anti-air.
  • Jump straight up, forward or backward depending on the situation
  • Move sticks out a lot and can beat most moves even if it comes out later (assuming their move is not completely out and in your hitbox :))
  • I differentiated between j and sj because against p groove it makes it hit at a different height


  • Primary jump in
  • Instant overhead when next to opponent


Punch throw
damage to come…

  • Puts them at your feet, not tech rollable
  • Sets up lots of mind games
    • High/Low/Throw mind game with sjb.forward/c.short
    • Corpse hopping mind games:
    • Double hopping… not safe, but can be confusing. The worst part about this is that the counter to this is random mashing. No matter what they try to do they will hit you…
    • You can also hop over and then hop away from them
      Note: This can easily done by pressing ->, ->, ->, <- or ->,->,<-,-> where the 3rd directional input is pressed before you land on the other side
    • Also can go for a meaty crossup with j.roundhouse

hey gwai, remember i posted all the frame date in the eagle thread? here it is, it was on page 8 or something…

Frame Data
Heres the format that Buktooth used in his N-Iori FAQ. Im just not including if the move is chainable into itself, bufferable into special or super. Im also not going to list every move because it would take way too long and Im unfamiliar on how to read special and super information for the time being.

(1) (2) (3)/(4) [(5)/(6)/(7)]

(1) Name of the move
(2) Damage it inflicts on opponent
(3) Frame advantage (disadvantage) if move hit.
(4) Frame advantage (disadvantage) if move is blocked
(5) number of frames it takes the move to hit (how fast the move is)
(6) number of frames the move has an active hit box (how meaty the move is)
(7) number of frames of recovery the move has

Standing Jab 300 +7/+7 [3/4/6]
Standing Strong 1200 -1/-1 [4/2, 5/7, 17]
Far Standing Fierce 1300 -17/-17 [8/3/38]

Crouching Jab 300 +7/+7 [3/4/6]
Crouching Strong 1200 -2/-2 [4/2, 6/4, 22]
Crouching Fierce 1200 -14/-14 [5/9/29]

Jumping Jab 600 [ 3/20]
Jumping Strong 1000 [3/10]
Jumping Fierce 1300 [7/6]

Standing Short 500 +2/+2 [4/4/11]
Standing Forward 900 0/0 [4/6/16]
Close Standing Roundhouse 1400 +2/+2 [8/9/17]

Crouching Short 400 +5/+5 [3/4/8]
Crouching Forward 800 +6/+6 [5/6/11]
Crouching Roundhouse 1200 -9 [11/4/29]

Jumping Short 500 [3/20]
Jumping Forward 900 [3/10]
Jumping Roundhouse 1200 [8/7]

Notes- Far Standing Fierce has as much (sometimes more) recovery time as most jab dragon punches. The frame disadvantage is also atrocious. Remember that the next time you randomly throw it out against somebody with a fast roll or as a whiff-punisher. Jumping Strong and Forward are still the shit, and Jumping Fierce is still too laggy for me to use unless I call the opponents jump in from awhile away. Meaty Crouching Strong obviously sucks because its mostly gaps instead of hitting frames, but Close Standing Roundhouse is much better.


Hey gwai it seems you did make those eagle notes we were talking bout:)

do you mean the “Notes” that i posted at the end of the frame data? that’s all my stuff, i just felt like capitalizing for whatever reason:lol:

if that’s not what you meant, disregard what i said.

I just got bored… those were all things off the top of my head while I was waiting for my chicken nuggets to cook :lol:

popo: i think he was talkin to me :stuck_out_tongue: “gwai”

yea, i’m an idiot:(

Nah i was talking bout the notes gwai posted about each normal

Are you sure eagles close standing roundhouse is +2/+2?? I dunno if that’s right…

Eagle’s s. forward seems to stuff cammy’s roundhouse when her hitbox is too close. If cammy is far enough and starts the roundhouse early, there’s no way you can react to that and stuff it. Only when she gets close enough and you know the roundhouse is coming can you stuff it by sticking out Eagle’s forward early.

Popoblo for a long time i agreed that eagle does well against team bas(sak,blanka,bison) however now ive gone to think that sak and blanka own eagle for free

C-Eagle i think does better then A-Eagle against sak. Ive seen to many A-Eagle players waste a AC becuz of sak’s RC craziness.

Do you care to eleborate on why you think Eagle does fairly well against sak,blanka,bison?

Eagle kills team Bas if they don’t RC.

Add 100% RC consistency to blanka/sak, Eagle’s dead.

Cr. forward stuffs st. RH from further out. There’s no need to let her in that close.

Sak’s RCs aren’t too hot against Eagle. Free rolls. Free straight up jumps into huge combos. Free RC kick move to escape.

Blanka’s a little better with RC. He’ll get in more block damage but, overall, I think C eagle still whoops him overall. Especially since Eagle doesn’t need to RC. It’s always nice to have an RC counter on wake-up vs. an RC elec. Not necessary though.

Maybe you’re just thinking A-Eagle. But I rank C-Eagle above A-Eagle for too many reasons.


I agree C-Ealge is better then A

I think they both have their advantages. I hardly ever use egales b&b combo, so I wouldnt have much opportunity to combo into his level 2… i tend to try to keep people out…

How would you rate Eagle’s roll?

not very good… although its good enough to roll through some projectiles to punish if people fuck up.

Can someone verify the stats on eagles close standing roundhouse? if its +2 you should be able to combo on meaty… but i’ve never been able to… I dont know if I just suck or what…

The frame data looks good to me.

+2/+2, 8/9/17

I went to training mode to be sure there isn’t a mistake in the book either. After the punch throw, then a meaty close s.HK, the d.MK and d.MP were both comboing well for me. Technically, far s.HK and far s.HP should combo after as well, but my timing hasn’t been good enough to make it work yet. I think I might be able to link a level 3 super actually. Maybe if I tried a little harder…

Anyway, yeah, Eagle can give himself heavy frame advantage after a meaty close s.HK. Keep practicing if you suck.

how much does blanka s.fierce give you? because I got that pretty easily… I dunno how different it is from eagle though

Jon, you heard the man, you just suck.

Blanka close fierce
1400,1200 -3, enough hitting frames to do meaty fierce, fierce.

p.s. you still suck

EDIT: apparently, justdefend’s frame data is completely different from that posted below. Ignore this post. Except the part about Jon sucking.