Eagle Moveset and Attributes



Hey gwai it seems you did make those eagle notes we were talking bout:)


do you mean the “Notes” that i posted at the end of the frame data? that’s all my stuff, i just felt like capitalizing for whatever reason:lol:

if that’s not what you meant, disregard what i said.


I just got bored… those were all things off the top of my head while I was waiting for my chicken nuggets to cook :lol:

popo: i think he was talkin to me :stuck_out_tongue: “gwai”


yea, i’m an idiot:(


Nah i was talking bout the notes gwai posted about each normal


Are you sure eagles close standing roundhouse is +2/+2?? I dunno if that’s right…


Eagle’s s. forward seems to stuff cammy’s roundhouse when her hitbox is too close. If cammy is far enough and starts the roundhouse early, there’s no way you can react to that and stuff it. Only when she gets close enough and you know the roundhouse is coming can you stuff it by sticking out Eagle’s forward early.


Popoblo for a long time i agreed that eagle does well against team bas(sak,blanka,bison) however now ive gone to think that sak and blanka own eagle for free

C-Eagle i think does better then A-Eagle against sak. Ive seen to many A-Eagle players waste a AC becuz of sak’s RC craziness.

Do you care to eleborate on why you think Eagle does fairly well against sak,blanka,bison?


Eagle kills team Bas if they don’t RC.

Add 100% RC consistency to blanka/sak, Eagle’s dead.


Cr. forward stuffs st. RH from further out. There’s no need to let her in that close.

Sak’s RCs aren’t too hot against Eagle. Free rolls. Free straight up jumps into huge combos. Free RC kick move to escape.

Blanka’s a little better with RC. He’ll get in more block damage but, overall, I think C eagle still whoops him overall. Especially since Eagle doesn’t need to RC. It’s always nice to have an RC counter on wake-up vs. an RC elec. Not necessary though.

Maybe you’re just thinking A-Eagle. But I rank C-Eagle above A-Eagle for too many reasons.



I agree C-Ealge is better then A


I think they both have their advantages. I hardly ever use egales b&b combo, so I wouldnt have much opportunity to combo into his level 2… i tend to try to keep people out…


How would you rate Eagle’s roll?


not very good… although its good enough to roll through some projectiles to punish if people fuck up.


Can someone verify the stats on eagles close standing roundhouse? if its +2 you should be able to combo on meaty… but i’ve never been able to… I dont know if I just suck or what…


The frame data looks good to me.

+2/+2, 8/9/17

I went to training mode to be sure there isn’t a mistake in the book either. After the punch throw, then a meaty close s.HK, the d.MK and d.MP were both comboing well for me. Technically, far s.HK and far s.HP should combo after as well, but my timing hasn’t been good enough to make it work yet. I think I might be able to link a level 3 super actually. Maybe if I tried a little harder…

Anyway, yeah, Eagle can give himself heavy frame advantage after a meaty close s.HK. Keep practicing if you suck.


how much does blanka s.fierce give you? because I got that pretty easily… I dunno how different it is from eagle though


Jon, you heard the man, you just suck.

Blanka close fierce
1400,1200 -3, enough hitting frames to do meaty fierce, fierce.

p.s. you still suck

EDIT: apparently, justdefend’s frame data is completely different from that posted below. Ignore this post. Except the part about Jon sucking.


No data on specials?:annoy:


granted, I never uses eagle on any 1 Frame Reversals O’ Plentifuls, but I THINK the lk stabbity death move is safe, at least, no one’s ever hit me for it, they always get stuffed by my subsequent c mk for trying, heh

I’m quite positive on block, you can roll in between the initial stabby and the fast stabbies on the mk/hk versions, that’s all I really remember about good to know tidbits on his specials