Eagle Problem

The distance after two light attacks from point blank range. From here, Eagle jumps in with j.HK and I have a lot of trouble stopping this with C-Sagat.

-If I try to dp+HP, I go under every single time
-If I try to chicken block, Eagle still lands before me
-If I try to super, I stand up and the j.HK hits me
-If I try to walk under, Eagle’s j.HK hits me as a cross-up

Is my only option to use early jump back HK?

Eagle can do j.MK instead of j.HK and that doesn’t give me enough time to leave the ground after coming up from low block. I’ll eat the j.MK.

Also, how do I deal with Eagle jumping right on top of me when I’m cornered? DP appears to be useless. I’ll go under every single time or stand up into the j.HK by accident.

Is High Tiger Super my only way out in this instance? What about when I don’t have any meter? Is roll my only option other than block and get locked down by Eagle jumping right on top of me over and over?

just gave it a go in training mode. that shit is annoying, dp and close s.hp both miss. it’s a shitty crossup though, walk under and crouch seems like the best option, at least to avoid wasting your meter and getting killed.

  • walk under, uppercut (hard)
  • walk under, crouch, then tripguard c.MK or get s.LP pressure
  • jump back LK

i guess if you see it coming you can walk under, crouch, then c.LK/c.MK in super if he commited to the j.HK, land it once and he might just stop doing it.


kcxj: can’t you apply some of your anti-hibiki strats here?

like find some pressure stuff that do work, bait his s.fierce/c.rh and psychic roll those.

i don’t know how effective that might be, but you seemed to have found that useful for anti-hibiki.

Yeah pretty much the only thing you can do is jump back and hk and even then he can swich up and smack you out of the air with mp/mk. Overall your best option is to just keep him grounded before he even gets that opportunity. So basically if you throw out a s.mk/s.lk/s.fp/s.fk(not as safe) after the jabs to anticipate his jump in (almost all eagle players do a couple jabs then jump in because the angle is really awkward and shit goes under like you mentioned) you can smack him back before he gets over your head. I would rather do this than jump back rh because at times eagle will jab jab wait then standing fierce and if you jump back and he st.fp right after the jabs you will get smacked alot of the times. :karate:

Dude…just roll. You see the jump…roll. You wanna make the match totally neutral again? Roll, then super jump back. Match reset.