Earn Your Independence - Drexel Hill, PA (Philly) - July 6th

After four great Halo 3 tournaments, and a decent Madden tournament (we gave away a turducken), PhillyGamers is opening up a Fighters Division. With the help of R0gue Y0shi (who’s going to take over this thread as soon as I’m done writing), we’ll be adding fighter games to all six of our summer tournaments.

The first event, Earn Your Independence, will be held at Drexel Hill FD on July 6th, 2008.

Super Smash Bros: Brawl
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Melty Blood

Rules: TBA

Fees: $10 venue (gotta pay the rent) + $10 per title. Typical 70/20/10 payout, but look for prizes provided by a cadre of sponsors.

Snacks (hot dogs, sodas, etc) will be available.

PhillyGamers is sponsored by: Best Buy, SteelSeries, Jolt Energy Drinks and Glitch Gear with more to be announced.

Doors at 10am, first games at 11am

(2nd tournament: July 20th - Genesis)

CVS2/3s. Don’t fuck up.

Oh, don’t fuck up. Thanks for the tip.

Games announced for July 6th.
We may run different games for the 20th.

Ggxx? Ac?

Accent Core. I can’t keep up with the accronymns. But don’t worry, Dark Lord and R0GUE Y0SHI will be running the fighter games for us.

Speaking of which, Al, Steve. Need some help here, guys.

You should probably run MvC2 if you’re running this in Philly. Philly area is huge into MvC2.

You guys will have some nice sticks to play on for this event :D.

Brawl rules have been posted on another board. If anyone’s interested, I can post them here.

only one evo game = fail :frowning:

Bump with times.