I just received the headphones in the mailbox. They sound like a really old radio. Did I make a mistake in purchasing these or do they need to be “broken into” ?

well, first off, does it sound that way when you listen to CDs or MP3s? did the reviews mention anything about that?

I haven’t heard them myself so I don’t know. There definitely are head phones that have to be broken in though

Hmph, I’ve sent a request for replacement, all the while I’ll ship them back tomorrow.


I got the replacement, but same problem? This time, I feel like like the lower frequency sounds aren’t being picked up? What’s the deal?

Aaaargh, I hate this!

What was OP’s budget anyway? That’s the first thing that you need to figure out when buying headphones of any sort.

Personally, I like my Shure S4s that I picked up a year ago from Amazon for $80. They have very good all around performance and they are fairly durable.

My budget was $100. I got the AT headphones already but I’m trying to figure out why it sounds so horrible… Sounds like the lower frequency bands aren’t being picked up…

yo is their sumtin wrong wit my ears cause i cant use earbuds and iphone/pod/i shit type of earphones? it seems like im one of very few people who cant use em…they always fall out.

How much research did you put into this exactly? If you had a suspicion that they had to be broken in, it would take a while to do that. It wouldn’t happen overnight

I’m the same way. The shape of my ears will simply not allow me to use earbuds normally. I never buy them anymore.

Earbuds are pretty terrible in general. Other than Yuin, there really aren’t any good earbud manufacturers out there. Just try IEMs instead. They’ll actually stay in your ear because they go into your ear canal.

I had a pair of AT CKS-70s a year ago (before my S4s) and they were pretty damn good. They were some of the bassiest (if that’s a word) headphones that I had ever listened to, in ear or otherwise. They also had pretty good mid-range and high-range performance, until one of the headphones got pulled off when it got caught in my car’s door jamb.

I just got myself some Audio Technica ATH-700 (open) as a b-day gift for myself. Screw Beats’, Sennheiser’s, Sony’s, insert headphone of any kind. These things are awesome. I listen to a wide variety of music (classical to dubstep) and these things for the price are just too damn good. Now I know it is sacrilegious to play these things from just an onboard sound card, but still these things sound amazing. Next purchase will for sure be a DAC/amp.

If you are in the market for at home headphones (cans), get these from amazon for $92 shipped. They are open headphones, so strictly at home use. I fear I will become an audiophile after these things.

  • Love my Dre Monsters right now right now :slight_smile:

JUST bought some WESC Bassoons for FORTY FIVE BUCKS CASH.

So cash, amazing deal.

Is that deal online and still available?

Here’s the link from the old headphones thread that was especially useful:

I must have tiny ears or something because having earbuds in for about 25 minutes just causes pain. It’s pretty inconvenient.

I got them from a friend of mine, they’re slightly used, a few months, but he kept pretty good care of them. I’m loving them, I listened to them for 13 hours straight, took them off to go to bed and my ears felt perfect still, so comfortable.

I’ve always found earbuds uncomfortable and annoying too.

Earbuds are fucking horrible. IEMs are awesome tho. I used a pair of Monster Turbines for 8 to 9 hours straight 5 days a week, I never have a problem.