Earth Hour...are you going to participate?


Earth Hour begins tonight from 8:30-9:30PM EST. Basically, what you do is turn off all your power and be in complete darkness for 1 hour. In this age full of electronics, kids would lose their minds not having anything to do that doesn’t involve some electronic device (unless they have a DS or something). I don’t think I’m going to participate, but I guess if I did, I would read the books that I bought but never finished reading.


Just finished an hour ago over here. Lights and everything were off in our house, made sure the laptop was charged before starting though haha.


No. Fuck the Earth.


Every hour should be earth hour. :angel:


How are you going to read a book if it’s going to be dark by then? :lol:

I will with the exception of a fan. It’s already “hot as hell weather” season in FL.


ill be sleeping…so yes.

my commitment is THAT deep.


Why would you do that at night?


Rechargeable flashlight. :tup:


I wanna say yes but I don’t think I can.


No, because it doesn’t matter in the long run.


The concept of Earth Hour may be good hearted in nature, but the message gets lost in the long run. Essentially, what you are doing is going out of your way to save energy for one day of the year, and it’s business as usual after that. I work for one of the biggest utility companies in North America, and let me tell you that energy conservation is far more complicated than one may think.


Ah no…I’ve got homework to do tonight, fuck all that noise I’ll just stick to recycling.


Fuck that…[media=youtube]sCaf3n3n86U"[/media].


Youtube comment is epic. “Who knew you could use the Force to give yourself an orgasm. Maybe that’s the real reason Anakin turned. Makes more sense than the movie reason…”


I am definitely participating.

Grappling hook
Wire cutters


Nope, sorry. Can’t do it on a Saturday.


If there aren’t any clouds out I will. I’ll be taking the telescope out to the backyard and watching some stars.


Fuck no, what has dat ho Mother Nature ever done for me? Who do I look like,[media=youtube]vpXM9bj-WPU"[/media]?


I get to be Wheeler right


I’m going to use the power of heart to make you love me.