Earth Romancer: Smash Meets GG Meets Touhou


Hey guys, I just released the first trailer for the game I’ve been working on yesterday.

The conventional term seems to be “Platform Fighter”, but I like to think its got all the mechanics and depth of traditional fighters as well.

If anyone’s curious whats going on in the teaser I’ve been posting gameplay quips explaining things on twitter (@EarthRomancer). You can also ask away in this thread and give any feedback.


Such as? Looks like Smash clone to me.


A few things in the trailer are special cancels, jump cancels, and an ex meter.

More things not apparent, but are in the prototype UI at the bottom: Guard meters, recoverable health, and a mode-shifting system similar to Melty Blood moons.

More nuanced features that may take more than trailers to discuss like high/lows (including fuzzy guards), and projectiles ala touhou fighters are being shown on twitter as I get around to it.

If anyone is familiar with IaMP, it features a guard crush system where you can block anything (Except air block ground normals). However, blocking bullets and wrongblocking overheads/lows do more damage to your guard meter. Mechanics in Earth Romancer will be similar, featuring a 3-tiered guard meter that recovers and influences everything from ledge mechanics, high/low blocking and recovery.


Huh, this already looks way better than that piece of crap Brawlout. Probably will be better than Project Wavedash too. The art style is really nice.

Only problem I see is that it’d probably be lost in the ocean of Smash clones we have coming out now (there’s like, what, eight of them now? With even more in development?). And personally, I don’t care for the furry aspect, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing these before.

I’ll follow this. I’m interested to see where you take it.


Thanks for the suppo

Thanks for the support!

Not all characters will be anthropomorphic. So hope you stay tuned!

As for the smash clone thing I have been concerned about that but I’m confident that if I can properly express what makes Earth Romancer different it will eventually differentiate itself.