Earthquake felt in Eastern Canada & USA

All over the news, I’ve even felt the tremours from my house.

CP24 News

CTV News

I’m pretty sure I could find this on USA networks as well.

That shit woke me up today. Not cool

ditto…i thought it was a truck driving by (I live in a residential neighbourhood too), and I was like ‘wtf is that dick driving this way for???’

we never get cool shit here…hurricanes, tornado’s, etc…when they do hit, they’re always pussy versions of the real thing.

If a REAL earthquake ever hits, I’m fucking looting Future Shop like a fiend

It’s funny how in East Coast and such they’re used to the cold but in Cali we’re used to the earthquakes.

Couple of months ago there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake during West Coast Warzone 2. Supposedly the east coast players were freaking out.

But yea 5.5 is pretty big if you haven’t felt earthquakes too often.

This is craziness.

I guess my mother and some peeps i know felt it down here in ny. My mom said she thought a ghost or something was lightly shaking her chair. Wtf my mom is crazy. I was napping, so i didnt feel anything.

I slept through it =\

I was up north at Blue Mountain when it happened and we didn’t get any tremors there. Guess I missed the party…I always miss the party.

I was in Ajax at the time, but I felt nothing…

I felt it, at first I thought the dude behind me was shaking my desk. I turn around and I’m like WTF? Then I realize it was a minor tremor. In T.O. it was measured at 2. something. I know in Ottawa it was 5.3.

from CTV:

I felt it in Buffalo while I was working. It was about a 1.5 here. I first though someone in an ajacent cube was shaking their leg.

you should have punched that fucker in the next cubicle in the back of the head, then blamed THAT on the quake

People said they felt it here in Pittsburgh. I guess a lot felt it back home (an hour north) but I didn’t notice anything in the city between Pitt and mine, but people on the Southside of Pitt said they felt it. People on my campus tho (right outside of downtown) said they didn’t notice.

I didn’t feel this one, but I sure as hell felt the one in ‘08. Everything started shaking, and felt like a big ol’ truck driving by (I’m on a main drag, so that happens sometimes), but there wasn’t any sound. Exactly why my mind went to quake as a possibility immediately, I don’t know, but since I was online, I asked some people I knew were local if they felt anything. Some said yes, some didn’t.

My only thought was “Awesome”, since I’d always wanted to experience one, and this was the perfect way: no real damage, nobody hurt, just the ground moving for half a minute or so.

Well for me I was sitting in my chair at my computer station and I thought my cat was clawing at my chair so I put my hands on my desk and turned around and NO cat… then I looked up slightly and realized my desk was moving back and forth so I let go of my desk thinking it was myself doing it (maybe some involuntary convulsions or something) so I let go and rolled my chair out a bit then I noticed my entire Building was moving back and forth like WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB… and it was enough to make me to JESUS CHRIST !!! out loud. then the quake went away and I was like “aww is that it? well least I experienced 1 quake in me lifetime” so anyways. The neighbours Upstairs from me didn’t feel a thing as they had their R&B and Hip Hop Music playing an dthe base was just kicking so much they didn’t realize what was going on lol.

i felt nothing shrugs (~10km away from lake ontario)