Earthquake in SoCal

Probably will the news in a few. We just had a big earthquake here in socal about 10 min ago. Shit woke my ass up now I can’t go back to bed. Hope everyone is ok.
Edit Initial reports state it was a 4.4. Not strong enough to cause considerable damage, but strong enough to wake your ass up and shake you up a bit. For reference the Northridge quake was a 6.7, the one in Haiti a 7.0, and the one in Chile a whopping 8.8. For course this quake can also be a precursor to another larger quake to come. Hopefully that’s not the case.

earthquakes happen everyday yo

I remember the Northridge quake. Quite an exciting day.

Yeah, this woke me up. Couldn’t sleep. Watched 24. Good ep.

Woke me up as well.

For 2 minutes.

Can’t believe that Northridge quake is 16 years old! It’s old enough to drive! But yeah Cali quakes smaller than 5 are a joke.

viper is throwing out seismos damn it!

Yeah it woke me up to this morning. I think everyone in Cali was waken up.

FDC that shit scrub.

J/K glad it was just a minor shake-up. :wink:

Last night I watched Interview with a vampire and my dream was some kind of freeks and geeks vampire crossover that got oddly interrupted by nuclear explosions out of nowhere. I didn’t check the clock, but I’m suddenly willing to believe the earthquake may have had something to do with that.

Damn I was hoping something happens to Kimterran so LeBron James could be up for grabs in fantasy basketball. :mad:

Not I.

slept right through it I guess haha

woke me up for a sec and slept through it. shit is normal like hearing neighbors blastin mariachi songs

even if i didn’t pull an all nighter the previous day, i still would have slept through that shit

I slept through it (I think, I might have woken to the final jolt), but my wife was awake breast feeding and she was pretty frazzled. She had a bad experience with quakes (she was at the epicenter of the northridge quake and spent weeks without power, I on the other hand went to disneyland that day) so she’s always super paranoid. Sadly, I didn’t even notice this quake

Woke me up for 10 seconds.


“There are over 3,000 earthquakes every day. Over 3,000? We don’t stand a chance…”

I guess I live kinda far, but I didn’t feel anything. Just heard a little shaking. Not newsworthy to me

I felt nothing. shrugs