Earthquake! (Los Angeles)

I just jumped onto the floor and held on for life

Wasn’t that bad here.

EDIT: 5.9 magnitude. Pretty big.

Yeah I felt it but it wasn’t that bad.

Nigga it’s hot as hell here and you’re talking about the ground shakin? Please.

i almost shat myself. i was this close to just bolt out the door and hang out in my car (my house is rickety as fuck).

Not too bad at 91789 area, can felt it but no damage.

haha I thought I felt something but nobody in my office said a damn thing. Just kept on working. Barely felt shit though. Where is the epicenter? I didn’t see anything on usgs

epicenter is in Borrego Springs

I saw my tv shaking a bit down here in san diego.

wasn’t that bad

Working outside at the airport ramp was brutal today. My skin started to smell like fried kfc.

if you have a beer to calm down after a quake does it go all over you when you open it?

It was all over Twitter and Facebook… but I’m 400 miles away so I didn’t feel shit myself.

haiti earthquake hits

Guy on SRK in Idaho: “Meh, I didnt feel anything”

Lol @Manx.

yea felt it a while back

Epicenter in the middle of fucking nowhere.

I’ve been in SD for work for the past week and a half and was wondering when I’d feel one. It was pretty weak here. I was taking a crap. Haha.

July 7, 2010

Dear LA/Southern Cali,




Didn’t feel a thing.

I don’t know, coming over here I was worried about what quakes would be like, but I kind of just flat out ignore them now not even knowing they happen.

Some lady at CVS looked at me like I was crazy when I asked, “what there was an earthquake today!?”