Earthquake Shenanigans

There is a girl who is in her early 20’s. She is very sexy and she is also curvy and very fit. She loves to work out every few days a week. She is very good at fighting and self-defense, and knows a variety of fighting styles. She loves wearing all kinds of outfits and different fashion. She also loves modeling. She knows dozens upon dozens of different languages, both natural and constructed. She loves making out with different men, as well as flirting with them. She also loves drinking. She even loves seeing things get destroyed, as long as people aren’t hurt. She loves the feeling of shock and awe at times.

She is very skilled at dancing and knows different styles such as hip-hop, latin, breakdancing, and dancehall. She loves standing in rain and also loves sweating the hot summer air. She is even skilled at different urban physical disciplines such as parkour, free running, tricking, and street stunts. She loves playing all kinds of video games such as RPGs, shooters, strategy games, fighters, racing games, sports games, puzzle games, rhythm games, and more. She loves everything about nature. She is very tough and hotheaded at times and you don’t want to mess with her. She is also very soft-hearted at certain times and cries at certain things. She has so many interests a girl could have.

One day, where there weren’t any earthquakes for several decades, one earthquake hit the place where she lives. She was in her room and it was shaking for at least five minutes. She loved it and thought it was sexy. A few hours later, she was walking outside and was at a park. She was wearing sneakers, shorts, a tank, and a thin light jacket. Suddenly, the ground started shaking and she looked down and saw the ground starting to crack. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was completely open. The ground cracked even more. It was an extremely intense sight for her. Her heart was beating very fast and she breathed rapidly. She was in complete awe and she loved seeing the ground crack. She would never forget it.

Months went on and she had been feeling all kinds earthquakes. There were all kinds of foreshocks, mainshocks, aftershocks, secondary aftershocks, bursts of aftershocks, swarms, earthquake doublets and multiplets, and slow earthquakes in her area and she felt so many of them. In fact, her area would be increasing in seismic activity even more. It was the first time she had that experience and she would remember is for the rest of her life.