EA's MMA fighting game online commentary and spectator system, sounds revolutionary

alright, im not a huge fan of MMA games, and i honestly already forgot the name of the game, but at EA’s press conference at E3 yesterday, they announced a new system they’re implementing with their new MMA game, which i think sounds both awesome and a great way to give a fighting game longer legs

basically you create your fighter in game, and if you think you’re up to it, you create a “Hype video” and send it to EA, calling people out and daring people to challenge you, something like this. EAs picks the hypest videos and posts them to find a challenger. once two hype dudes are chosen by their hype video, they have them both actually fight online in game, and have professional commentators talk about the match, others are free to spectate.

now, that sounds like they took a page from whats been going on in the fighting game streaming world recently, but its pretty genius that a developer company thought to do this. i think this is going to get a lot of use and very good response.

imagine if we had something like that for street fighter? that would add a whole new social dimension to the game— what do you guys think about it all?

im not that into the self made “hype video” part, but i think providing commentary and hyping up matches by the actually developer is pretty awesome. would love to see this kind of system implemented in more traditional fighting games

ironically you didn’t forget what it was called, as it’s entitled EA MMA lol…

same here, not a real big fan of MMA games. they showed actual gameplay of it at E3 of EA MMA and all i saw was the 2 fighters grappling around the floor most of the time. im pretty sure thats gonna require alot of button mashing and whoever could mash the fastest gets the dominant position. minus well go to a real dojo and do MMA instead of it in a game.

didn’t someone get banned from evo for this hype vid?


Dark Prince a fool for that one

EA likes to make big promises. Not saying this feature won’t be in the game, but knowing them, the implimentation will be horrid.

As for its implications in the fighting game community, we have something like that with livestreams of MMs and as an added bonus, this happens live and in person with no chance of lag effecting the outcome of the match.