Easier / faster way of doing a 720?

tryign to learn maki’s 720, but i can never get it out on time with good execution… someone help me. :pleased:

  1. Do the 720 motion during a jump or a roll;
  2. Try buffering the 720 motion during one of her normals/specials. I don’t remember her moves very well but with Zangief I buffer the 720 super during his Spinning Lariat or during Banishing Flat. With some practice you’ll get the timing right.

EDIT: I’ve heard something about doing hcb, hcb, f+P or hcf, hcf, b+P instead of 720 but I’m not sure if that really works.

With Zangief, I’ll do close s.lk, lvl 3.
If I’m ticking into a normal piledriver, I do light kick, wait, then 360.
But the timing for it when you’re doing a super feels like a cancel.

Notable setups:
-as a reversal on wakeup
-after a jump-in(empty or not)
-after a roll
-after a dash
-whiff lk on your opponent’s wakeup, then super
-after the opponent blocks something

The only problem with Maki is that she can do her lvl 3 on the ground as well as in the air. Doing it a few pixels off the ground can be extremely frustrating.

The way i do 360s when i’m using Gief:

:l: :db: :d: :df:, :u:+:p:

Don’t have to do the full 360 motion becuase this is enough to trick the engine, so i’m guessing there’s also a way to trick the engine into recognizing you’re doing a 720?

does a df count as a f or a d?
if you are moving back for like a second and start a 720 from the back position does the b count or does the motion start from d?

try a 1080 really fast. sure, you’ll look stupid, but i guarantee that it’ll come out.

If I recall most people say to spin the stick really fast :wow: amazing isn’t it.

that command SHOULDNT work.
my guess is somewhere in the motion you’re hitting :r:.
in the guidebook the directions needed for a 360 to come out are

(in whatever consecutive order i believe)

doesn’t DF have F in it? then it should work…

when i try to over rotate 720s, it doesn’t seem to come out. is it just me? xbox training mode.

well if you do 1080 you need to rotate a lot faster, but basically it’s just means you need to rotate faster instead of getting the execution down. you dont’ really need to over rotate.

:hcf: :uf: :u: I use for Zangief’s throw sometimes.

:hcb: :r: Works too but im not sure.

is there a way to do 720 without jumping/rolling/whiffing?

I recall seeing it done in sf3 3rd strike in one of team Whales vid.

it wasnt instant either… u can see hugo moving around like it was done by hand.

that doesnt count. those four directions are the minimal required to get a 360 move out, and they MUST be included in the command.

thats why that works on the controller and not a stick becuz on the controller u tap up without knowing it.

on a joystick theres no shortcut like that. u have to motion up.