Easier to double tap on Madcatz SE than Hori HRAP?

So i was fooling around with my new Madcatz SE stick with stock buttons and compared double tappin on my HRAP with Sanwa buttons (by doing sagat’s feight HK - and quick HK HK input). the SE stick is way easier to cleanly execute double tapping. I even put the SE’s Stock buttons into my HRAP and tried it and its still the same results so its not really an issue about the buttons. so im thinking “is it the PCB and its response time?”

have anyone else compared it too? and anyone tried comparing it to like a custom stick with a Cthulu board for ps3?

Heuhh, sounds messed up. Hori PCB’s are considered to be of very good quality: not to say that you are necessarily crazy or wrong, but if Hori PCB’s had any glaringly problematic issues I’m sure that somebody else would already have noticed by now.

Exactly which HRAP are you using? If it’s a PS2-native model, the first thing I would suspect is the PS3 adapter.

It’s cool that you tried the SE’s buttons right in it, hahah. Sciiiience!! :lovin:

uve got a great point, deadfrog. it totally forgot i am using an adapter for my HRAP. well i should be getting the inPin adapter from Laugh in the mail soon which should be one of the best adapters for ps2 to ps3 and ill check out the difference