Easier way to FADC srk into ex fireball with small hands?



Strange topic, I know.
I’ve picked up learning Ryu recently, and I was shown how to do this combo, but because my fingers and hands are so tiny, it’s difficult for me to land the ex fireball at the end haha.

I’m using a stick. Don’t want to use macros or a pad.

Jump in fierce, standing fierce, cancel into srk, FADC, ex fireball. I can usually get to the FADC, but when I double tap forward, I tend to miss getting the dash so I can properly do the fireball. I end up just getting the focus attack, instead. WHY ISN’T THERE ANOTHER WAY TO CANCEL THE FOCUS ATTACK DASH CANCEL?! haha It frustrates me. I suppose I’ll just have to keep working at it.

But until then, any suggestions? Comments?


It sort of avoids the problem of bad execution but if you end the srk in forward you can just hit mediums and forward 1 time to get the fadc.


I’ll give it a shot, thanx for the reply!!