Easier way to kara throw?

i can kara throw consistently, like 95% of the time using my ring finger on the mk, index on lp and thumb on lk. is there an easier way to do it? would like to nail it 100% of the time :tup:

i personall;y use the base of my ring finger to hit the med kick and my middle finger to hit lp and lk in a sort of fashion that you would use for drumming supers. works 99% of the time for me.l. but it’s just a case of practise really!

ahh that works better for me. lol mk is the ONLY button i have trouble kara throwing with, but ur method helps a lot. thanks :smile:

When I play Chun, I do it exactly like you do, and I’ll get like 1 fuck up every 10 games.

I guess whatever works for you though, the way Xeixei put it seems more difficult imo.

Ring on MK, drum down index over LK and middle over LP.

I use a Japanese layout, though. I could never effectively karathrow with Chun using an American layout.

Close kara I just use pinky on HK, thumb on LK, index on LP.

I just hit the bottom of my middle finger on MK and then wait a split second and then hit LP+LK with my index finger. I don’t use my ring finger unless an action involves using a HP/HK button.

thats the samw way that i do it…I think its the most useful way…?

so yeah umm I use my pinky for MK and thumb/index finger for the actual throw command.

is MK kara for far range
and HK kara for close range?

ive been just doing HK kara ? :frowning:

dont you push forward for a bigger range with her mk…cuz i swear i’ve players like ohnuki friggin throwin from half screen lol but yea i didnt think s.mk gives you range on the throw

Hk kara is useful against fat bodied people and being upclose.

s.Mk kara has so much range its sick.

i bend my middle finger, and use the joint near my nail to press the mk, then roll out to the lp+lk

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Just keep practicing the way you are doing it now.

oh, ok, thanks

Trying to karathrow on American layout with Chun rapes my fingers :frowning: :frowning:

i also had problems with my hands hurting when mk kara throwing on an american layout when using my ring finger to hit mk.
however i recently switched to using my pinky to hit mk and thumb and index or middle finger to hit the throw. my hands stopped hurting and my % of execution went way up.

seems to me that hitting the mk with the ring finger would be physically the most comfortable… its how i do it anyways Oo

hmm I bend my middle finger also and then hit the throw command with thumb index finger…

I am going to try this ring finger and also just use index finger to hit both throw buttons