Easiest CC's in the game?

What are some of the easiest CC’s that I can learn? I’m thinking of starting A Groove but I don’t wanna use crazy characters yet. I decided to pick up Ken for it.

Anyone else recommend me some characters with easy CC’s?

Haohmaru’s ground cc is easy and a lot of other characters have similar button xN cc’s. Like Chun, Ken, Guile, Dhalsim and Terry. Ease of CC’s isn’t the best criteria for choosing a character, but I understand where you’re coming from.

I just wanna get a feel for the groove. I tried Kens, Terrys and Rocks so far.

Vega has the easiest CC in the game by far.

Team button masher (A-Haohmaru, Mai, Ken) has the easiest ground CCs in the game.


We’re talking brand new to A groove. He’s looking for characters that he can mash one button with, cancel it into a super and call it a CC. Vega’s is hella easy, but for a newer player, i wouldn’t say the easiest.

Ken, Haoh, Mai, Iori (scrub CC = c.rh xN xx super), Joe (same as iori’s, basically), just to name a few.

EDIT: FS got it before me, didn’t even see it.


blanka corner cc
sak (hurricane kick -> dp) x n
iori f.mp x n
boxer back foward + punch mash cc
nak df.fp x n
geese hcb rh x n
guile f.rh, then f.mk -> kick super.

to name a few.

yes, let’s counter them to death

whoops, lol. fixed.

Well…aside from the button mashing CCs, I would agree that Vega’s CC is pretty easy. How do I know? Well…even I can do it consistently :lol: It’s probably the next step up from the mashing CCs.

i find it harder to end a mashing CCs with a super compared to non mashing CCs

Thank you brothers.

Don’t most of the button masher CC’s end with a sweep xx super? Like Ken’s cr.rh xx Shinryuken (qcf,qcf+k)?

i’m pretty sure it’s still wrong. I don’t think HK jaiken connects. If i’m wrong, sorry, but i’m pretty sure it’s mk jaiken.

aside from kens sweep xx shinryuken, ending with sweep into super reduces the damage quite a bit. even then i find it easier doing f+hk xn into shoryureppa. maybe thats just me though.

i still think vega’s cc is the easiest in the game. easy to set up and easy to do

I found this site on the fourm last week, it’s a site that has a bunch of CC’s for specific characters.

Anyone have this site? I lost it and im having a hard time finding it.


This one?

EDIT: Not everyone has A - groove combos there eg Vega (claw) and the names are messed up but I think all are there.

Nah thanks though, its in english.

The lay out for the site is you click on a scroller which has a list of names, then you go to the selected character.

Then from there you chose if you wanna look at Ground CC’s, Anti Air CC’s, Block-String CC’s or special CC’s.