Easiest Character To Use?


I’ve been using Yang, seems fairly simple. Is there any character that’s easier in terms of execution and game-plan? I’m just practicing my fundamentals for now and am not really good at parrying. Thanks.


Alex is pretty simple. he’s got some stuff you can take to the training mode but he’s a great all around character that doesn’t have to be execution heavy to win with.


Chun, Ken, Urien’s actually deceptively simple.


Chun Ken and Yang imo are the easiest characters, but Yang is a bit harder than the other 2 cause dive kick is not easy to use correctly.




I think there’s a difference between easy to use (in general) and easy to use well.

Easy to use would be Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and maybe Chun and Urien… They all have relatively easy combos and play styles to grasp.

The easiest characters to use well would probably just be Chun and Ken. Just get a grasp on the fundamentals of the game, learn their biggest strengths (ways to punish and land supers) and you’re already on your way to beasting. Justin, Ricky and Watson are testaments to that. You won’t need all the advanced stuff unless you’re planning on competing at the higher levels in Japan.


Chun is at the top again!


Completely agree. Yang’s simple but deceptive. Having the divekick makes me want to use the divekick and boy will that get you killed lol.


I think a lot of characters in this game are reasonably accessible. It’s probably more worthwhile to decide who you have an interest in and go from there. Chun and Ken are definitely accessible but if you’re not in love with the ground game they might not be your best pick. IMO only Yun and Urien have a notable barrier of entry. Everyone else you just start with a couple basics and build up your repertoire over time.


How does Urien have a high barrier of entry, his basic corner game consists of ‘use aegis reflector’.

I must be the only weirdo who doesn’t understand Ken. I mean, I’m garbage at this game, but I should be good enough to use Ken. He just doesn’t click, and everybody already knows how to beat a lousy Ken. I saw better results with Ryu instantly.


But corner game is only a small part of learning any character. Urien is not the strongest character in a neutral setting. I guess it depends on what is easy/difficult to you personally, but I usually say a character is easier to use when they are balanced ie have options in every scenario, and Urien is def not that kind of character.


Edit - Pherai said it better


Alex is probably easiest imo.

Chun and ken can be easy too yet ive never encountered a beginner player who could hit confirm well, so they are usually stuck at a low level for a while.


And Urien is simple. I agree.

But like Pherai said, learning how to not get punked as Urien is difficult. Every Urien player is just a punching bag for a long time until they establish strong defensive skills ie not just whiff throw/wake up headbutt/wake up parry rock paper scissors.


Don’t listen to any of these rookies, Gill is the easiest to use :coffee:


Would you guys say that Ryu is easy/difficult to use well? Akuma?


Ryu is weird cause the strategy changes a lot with Denjin. Shinkuu is the simplest, and about the same difficulty as Ken. Gouki is not difficult but low HP makes using him a bit unforgiving. Both characters have to get damage from oki moreso than Ken.

Regarding what Ryan said about hit confirms, I’ve always noticed that mid level Chun players don’t confirm nearly as well as you’d think they would. Never understood that.

I feel like Alex is a fairly strong character at low-mid level 3s play. He’s easy until you realize how much he sucks :arazz:


How do you figure that?? The only decent Alex players I’ve ever played are all pretty smart and could do way better if they picked higher tier characters


I’ll use SA1 Ryu then, thanks.

That said, I fought a bunch of what you could probably consider low level players online with Alex and I felt nigh unstoppable. A lot of them seemed unfamiliar with the match-up, so I see what you mean.

A gimmick that was especially blowing people up, was whiffed cr.hp while they were knocked-down, followed by Stomp on their wakeup. How are you supposed to block/parry? Is it a cross-up, or…?


The basic gameplan is simple. No difficult execution. Basic mind games. At high level, Alex can beat anyone besides chun really.