Easiest Characters for a New Player


I have a friend who can’t combo or juggle for the life of her. Which characters are the easiest to use without knowing how to combo and juggle? Are there any characters with super easy combos?

Please include any DLC or joke characters as well.


The easiest characters would be the ones who primarily use boost chains for their damage (bison, rolento, cammy, dhalsim etc). That said, SFxT really isn’t a game you want to come into with no way to convert your pokes into damage as it’s very easy to die in 2 or 3 touches depending on the matchup.

Personally I’d go for a low execution team and learn 1 very basic set of combos…


  • Rolento x Nina
    • Roleno BnB: cr.lp > cr.lp (confirm, add a third cr.lp if needed) xx hp xx launcher > st.mp > cr.hp xx hk.geyser > ivory cutter
    • Nina BnB: lp xx mp (confirm, add another lp xx mp if needed) xx hp xx launcher > mk > cr.mk xx cr.hk

In no way are these optimized, but the execution requirement is pretty light ( rolento’s lp links are 3f or easier and nina’s confirm is a chain. Both post-launch juggles are cake, very little timing required after you land the first hit.)


Rolento and Law are easy to pick up but tough to master. The thing is your friend will need good fundamentals and spacing to succeed with both. But neither character requires anything difficult combo-wise to succeed.