Easiest characters to learn?


Hey everyone

Soooooo yeah…what do you think are some other the easiest characters for a noob to learn? Then I will hopefully find some synergy with them and make a practice team.




Have fun.



Morrigan/Doctor Doom/C.Viper

Easiest for sure.


C. Viper is not easy to learn. Her combos, yeah, but learning how to actually play her? She’s just like her AE counter part on that one. Takes a lot of dedication and practice.


Very few characters are difficult in this game, but 10 characters off the top of my head in no particular order

Frank West
Captain America


If you’re a total noob, then thinking about stuff like “synergy” is getting too ahead of yourself. First things first, learn how to play the damn game lol.

In my opinion, Captain America/Ryu/Akuma. Basically the team shoto of this game. Easy to pick up, well rounded with options, basic combos, and can do high damage.


easiest characters to learn are

Captain America

Easy to use a bit more to learn

Frank wesk


Ah thanks everyone. I made this thread because I have been using Sentinel (upwards force) Doom (missiles) and Dorm (black hole) but while they have served me well, I am not using them to their full strength. So going back to basics is properly a good idea and I will just mess around with suggested characters. A team I can tell I will like is the Hulk/Sentinel/Wesker suggested one for now. The best way I got wins with my team was going crazy with sentinels armored attacks so hulk will be fun =].


Even Though I dont really agree with having to pick “easy characters for noobs” id say something like wolverine/sentinel/akuma


Like everyone has mentioned before, Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma are pretty easy to learn.
The team isn’t as great as it was in Vanilla, but it’s still pretty damn effective. Wolverine on point isn’t that hard to play either (combo wise), especially when you have Tatsu as an assist and XF3 Wesker in the back just in case something goes wrong.


galactus ?


Don’t learn Wesker. Don’t even go near him. He’s the hardest character in the game to learn, people shouldn’t be using him online.

I suggest.

-Captain America


How has no one mentioned Ghost Rider?

The easiest characters to learn to me are Ghost Rider, Hulk, Ryu, Captain America, Wolverine and Wesker. Akuma is also simple to learn, but he has way more complex combo potential than the others.

Those are characters to learn, easiest to actually use I’d say are Wolverine, Wesker, and Ghost Rider.


Lol @ hulk being easy. Wouldn’t easy imply that the character is successful with little practice?

The only good Hulk I’ve ever seen is Airtola, just saying.


Wesker, Vergil, Wolverine, Sentinel, Ryu, Akuma, Cap, and Taskmaster are all pretty easy. Some good/decent teams with these characters:
Cap/Ryu/Sentinel (or swap akuma or taskmaster for sentinel)


Sorry to dig up a dead thread but just wanted to say thanks for the help everyone. But I have noticed how lazy I was actually being… I gone though all the suggested characters and they were all great but I just couldn’t master them and still got owned online. So then I sat down and trained liked no ones business back with my old team and due to my training I was getting back into the flow. I noticed that I simply wasn’t using them to their full before and now that I have learned more about them I noticed how great my first team really was =]. So I just wanted to say if you was like me looking for “easy” characters then just pick whoever you feel and grind with them and you will see how you was limiting yourself.


Out of curiosity, who is your team?


My team is Sentinel (force) Doom (missile) and Dorm (black hole).
Somtimes I switch Sentinel with Vergil (Judgement)