Easiest combos to master first, easy way to learn Sakura

I’m an Arcade newbie, I suck at execution etc, the sticks suck here in China, but my town here has 4 SSIV4 AE machines.

I was practicing at the arcade but it’s not really good practice getting bodied by the computer trying to do combos I don’t even come close to hitting. Then I lost 10-0 to some Akuma while trying to do cr.lp cr.lp into whatever.

I read the beginner thread, it’s like "for a beginner, first practice this 10 hit 1 frame link combo"
I want REAL beginner stuff.
What are the SIMPLEST and EASIEST to input basic stuffs to master?

advice from other beginner thread:

In training, practice your combos: tatsu loops for punishes / big damage

learn the ranges of your pokes
-> been learning this, the hard way, ha.

In matches focus on fundamentals. Don’t let yourself jump, don’t let your opponent jump, practice using your pokes, learn how to space things properly and learn how to play footsies.
-> this stuff is more advanced than I need! i’m still trying to land 3 hit combos!

OP is mostly starting out, chances are he can’t even consistently do a dp or fireball, tatsu etc.
-> this is good advice!! i’ve been practicing getting the dps and fireballs down, it’s fucking hard with the old sticks here, sure I could do it easier on my keyboard. i can’t ultra AT ALL.

After you can do that, start practicing cancelling normal moves into special moves
->uhh, is this really the second thing I should learn? i’d rather learn how to do a 3 hit combo or something really easy first…

The way you practice this the most effective way imo, is to break them down in small steps. For example lets say you want to practice cr. lk, cr. lp. cr. mk xx hp shouoken ( xx means cancel), first practice doing the link from cr.lp to cr. mk first, then practice cr.lk cr.lp cr.mk. and eventually do the entire combo. Use the same approach for all combos and basically everything you want to pratice . '
->YES, this is basically what i’m looking for. What are the easiest combos to start off practicing? What areas can I skip out on because they’re more difficult until later?

“A good way to get in without jumping is to use cr.mk xx shou in footsies. It’s super good and gives you set ups (or a ton of damage into set ups once you’re advanced enough to FADC it) to get in” “There’s that and standing roundhouse and a fireball and hurricane kick to work a ground game without jumping.”

yes, this sounds like a basic thing worth practicing, considering i’ve never cancelled a move before. ha.

Yes, you can’t do any combos if you cant even cancel a normal move in a special move. What I mean by cancelling is you do for example crouching medium kick and connect it to shouoken or fireball, cancelling just means you won’t do the entire animation of the medium kick and instead ‘cancel’ it into the other move. If you ever played this game atleast once I’m sure you have cancelled normal move into a special move, the trick however is to always get the move you want which can be a bit difficult at first thats why you have to drill that first. Then later when you can do that try something like, cr. lk, cr. lp cr.mk xx shouoken.

I think you got it confused with ex focus attack dash cancel, which is also a form of cancelling but more an advanced method.

thanks for replyin! I GUESS i will practice the cancelling stuff tomorrow. 5$= ~1 hour at the arcade, so I hope this pays off in damage/second. also, how to cancel normal moves? ha. if you don’t reply i’ll check the wiki but it’s easier this way :smiley:

Move the stick faster in precision quarter circle movements from down to back, for example. It’s a much slower game than the older ones, quite lenient for basic non-link combos.

:d::mk: - :qcb::2k: - :qcf::qcf::3k:

Really easy way to land the high airball Ultra. You can do the low medium kick from quick long range, spin the stick down to back and tap the two kick buttons, and she flashes yellow (uses one of the super bar chunks). Then you get quite a lot of time to do the next motion flicking the stick back down and round twice, then hit all 3 kicks after she boots them up into the air. Try not to mash the whole thing in one go, but wait and watch as each part hits.
Her focus attack is really good, so get into the habit now of pressing :mp:+:mk: and either tapping the stick back twice if it doesn’t feel or look right, or quickly tapping forward twice for the dash if the move hits and crumples. Then you can go into the combo above, or more advanced ones, all listed on here.
Don’t forget throws as well. Very important to get them to stop blocking and open up low. I would advise to never really use her fireball, but a move like :f::mk: which they have to block high, can again be really good to open up those low starting combos, but use it sparingly.

You should play ryu. If you can’t cancel a normal into a special you have no business playing Sakura. You’ll do better against opponents with ryu (and therefor have more fun) and you’ll be able to learn the basics in a way that allows you to apply what you learn. For instance, you can get pretty far as a beginner by only using crouching medium kick cancelled into fireball with ryu. This will allow you to work on your execution while actually playing the game and having fun. Spacing and not jumping and anti airing should neverrrr be considered too basic. Those things are more important than learning combos.

deebs right. I know it’s tempting to play Sakura, cool combos and loops and all but just until you can do cancels and stuff. Try playing Ryu. I switched to Ryu for about a month or so until I can get the hang of canceling normal into special.

Still it’s up to you. Good luck and have fun. :slight_smile:

was successfully landing crmk xx into dp today… could never get it after jump.lp tho

those simple 2-3 hit stuff is nice to work on

please give me more suggestions of little things to practice. i was trying to xx cr hp into l. tatsu but it’s hard. man these sticks, i suck with them

and no i’m not playing ryu except when the AE machines are full and have to play vanilla, although he is pretty easy !

That’s the same thing as canceling a crouching attack into a fireball. It’s just in the opposite direction. Timing tatsu loops on the other hand requires a bit more work. If you’re not familiar with them, instead of wasting a lot of time trying to discover the timing, I’d recommend watching videos of people doing lengthy combos using tatsu, and pick up the rhythm generated from the sound effects. keep listening to it for a while until you really soak it in. That’s helped me get reps down a lot better. Also, pay attention when a different attack is used. It’ll sound like some attacks you try to link after one tatsu will be heard sooner than others. Adjust your timing accordingly.