Easiest desk job (to obtain)?


It has been a whole year since I finished my Bachelor’s Degree (Accounting) and I haven’t found a single internship nor a full-time, part-time, or temporary position. I did apply to hundreds of job postings (and stopped altogether because I never got any response from one. Ever.) and spoke to several staffing firms (where I did get set up with a few interviews here and there). Right now I’m just looking for a white-collar job. It can’t be a job that involves standing up all day because I have a form of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects the legs and they can’t endure that much standing up.


You can’t find any accounting jobs? At all? Even after several interviews? Sounds like you need to work on your resumé and interviewing skills, especially since you tend to annoy the shit out of everyone, even on the internet.


Become a sprinter.


You seriously couldn’t find an accounting job in March/April?

Easiest sit down job to get is working phones: cold call sales, collections, etc. Few people stick around because annoying people for a living is terrible work: you’re guaranteed to spend your day talking to people who don’t want to you. Though, based on some of the responses in this thread it sounds like it might be up your alley.


I’m sure there are lots and lots of said jobs…for people that don’t need to be trained. There are no ‘real’ or even ‘semi-real’ jobs for people with no experience.

And don’t get me started on internships. They are rare to come by. And most require you to still be a student or a very recent graduate.


which begs the question, why didn’t you do any internships while you were still a student?


because I did volunteer tax work instead


Try throwing your resume at local tax offices (HR Block, Jackson Hewitt). The busy season for them is over, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Try college offices too.


Temp, temp, temp, temp, temp.


I’ll pay you to stop posting.

After a couple years you will be able to put on your resume “learned how to not be an idiot.”


Go apply at some level of government.
There is always room for more bloat.


I’m sure Desk could obtain any job he wanted with those hands.


I should also mention that most of the online job postings that I’ve seen have manager or senior in their job title. I always skip over those. And the few that are left always have an x to y years experience requirement. My theory is that companies don’t bother to post entry level jobs on online boards because they can always find somebody easily to fill those spots.


I was half expecting and full on hoping that every post from Beguiled in this thread would be hidden for a nice cheap chuckle and a press of the back button. Here let me get ya’ll started.


I never know what to think when I see people asking for easy work. Sure the pay is decent but what about doing something hard (and of course getting paid more)?

How big are your tits and can you make coffee?


uninstall and kill yourself


actually no. here’s a secret. most people who get hired never meet all those requirements anyway. companies post their wish list of requirements for an ideal candidate but usually hire someone close to those requirements because very few can meet those. also number of years of experience is just an arbitrary number. you see most jobs requiring 5 to 10 years because they are nice numbers so you shouldn’t let that deter you from applying to those jobs.


If you haven’t tried yet, check out your college’s careers services department. I know at my school they did/had:
[]Review your resume
]Conduct mock interviews
[]Online database of job openings
]List of mentors in different career fields

Do you have all of the prerequisites course work to be able to sit for the CPA? That might be something to shoot for while you continue to look for a job.