Easiest enemies or bosses ever?

ToadMan=shoot move shoot, thats it.
Chrono Trigger Golem Boss 2. He doesnt do anything not even attack.

Glass Jaw Joe.
Yu Yeven or whatever from Final Fantasy X. I seriously had to de-equip everybody in my party just so I could see what the boss could do. I still fucked up and left something equipped, and then got to see Auron counter attack for enough damage to kill the boss five times.

And there was a Spawn game back in the day for either Playstation or DC, I can’t remember, but you could beat the entire fucking game with the kick button. No need for combos (not even the kick combos!!), or guns, or weapons, or special moves, or items, or anything like that. Just kick your mother fucking way to victory like Rock Bogart at a health spa for rich white girls. Even end bosses couldn’t stand up to the might of Spawn’s fucking boot.

Fable 2 final “boss” came to mind right away. I’m always hesitant to even call it a “boss fight”. You don’t even have to kill him yourself if you don’t want to… I found that out the hard way when I was going to let him finish up his little speech…since I waited too long, another character just shot the bastard and that was it. This stands out as the absolute worst final “confrontation” I’ve ever seen in a game. The sad thing is that everything leading up to it was alright, but that might’ve been the most anticlimactic thing I’ve ever seen.

enemy…goomba smb1?

boss: st.ajoura(sp) from fft (expecially if you usein’ Cid), and whatever that thing from dead space 1 was.

Final boss in Final Fantasy Tactics, immediately comes to mind.

I mean, just the nature of the game itself, with the levelling randoms but not bosses and also the way that people played the game, with the ability to just farm shit tons of AP and level. Space Crystal Lazer Jesus, didn’t really stand much of a chance.


Is there a hardest boss ever thread yet? Because that one could be a little more interesting.

Final boss of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was super easy. Assassin with Ultima Shots took care of the entire boss battle.
Ninja Gaiden NES, the first 2 or 3 bosses. Just attack, climb on wall, leave wall, attack, climb wall, leave wall and repeat. Their attacks have really short range too.
King Bob-Omb from Super Mario 64.
Bubbleman with Metal Man’s weapon in Megaman 2 is just sad. The same goes for the rematch against Metal Man.




Mecha Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D, you could literally just walk behind him and win the game.


Well, yeah. But there’s some other hard bosses that I remember. Maybe not as hard, but difficult for sure.There’s too many easy bosses xD.

Abyss in MvC2.
Pyro in X-Men Arcade Game.
Ifrit in Final Fantasy 8.
Kain R in Garou MOTM

lol @ the first youtube comment.

I jumped over him and died : (

drinking beverage

Anyone remember the Goldfish in a Bowl from Earthworm Jim? In order to beat him you literally walk forward into him and the bowl falls over.

Exor in SMRPG.

Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2. Lv 33 in the regular version. Lv 1 for Final Mix.

Block button too OP needs nerf.

I was JUST about to post that in response to Davidstar. You have to push an attack button to beat that Hulk boss? Bob doesn’t even need you to punch him!


(8:00 minutes in, though go a little before that for dramatic effect)

bosses in heaven or hell mode in devil may cry 3. you can literally shoot them once with ebony and ivory and they die. it’s just that getting to the boss without getting hit once and dying is what people may have trouble doing.

Anyone remember that “boss” in Double Dragon, level 2? All I remember is that you climb up a series of ladder, get to the boss (who comes out of a door), and then go right back down the ladder. The Boss just stands there and eventually you beat the level.

Talking about this boss?
I think the guy commented about it already:

One thing that’s been bothering me is that people are always referencing Bob the Killer Goldfish. Just think about that “boss” for a second. He doesn’t have any kind of HP, you are not allowed to control yourself and, most importantly, YOU CAN’T EVEN KILL HIM! THE GAME DOES IT FOR YOU!!! That’s why I don’t consider that fish a boss. The minumum requirements for an enemy to be considered a boss is to get to control yourself and get actually a chance to kill it…

What throws me off, is maybe he’s talking about another Killer Goldfish?
Because in Earthworm Jim, you have control of yourself from what it looks like during that boss fight.