Easiest Execution Characters?

I hate practicing combos, but I wanna enjoy the game.
In your opinion, who are the easiest characters to learn/perform well with after spending not so much time grinding combos out with them?

Ryu/ Hugo. Although there’s a reason why chains were put in the game. This video should help you quite a bit:

[details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]ZOXG8wtxx_w[/media]

Any. Every link is at least 3 frames or something ridiculous like that, you have chain combos for dumb easy damage and input shortcuts so that you can just mash specials to follow up afterwards. Don’t forget supers and cross supers are one fireball motion.

This is just based off their trials that I have done, hugo rolento Ryu rufus . I would say paul but he just seems like a bad character in this game

I’ve done about 13 characters 100% I only do them 100% which means I haven’t tried the others yet they may be some easier

Ryu rolento hugo jin asuka lili Marduk Rufus juri julia Paul sagat law

Guess i’ll run Ryu or Lili. Hmm

Heihachi is pretty easy


So you want braindead easy fighters huh?

Hwoarang’s not that hard to learn, as his Tekken chains are useful and can easily be cancelled into specials.

Obligatory Ryu/Ken

If you don’t know what your talking about please don’t post misinformation.

There are plenty of 1 and 2 frame links in this game, there are also 1 and 2 frame links involving supers and cross assaults.

Chains change the frame data and damage on moves, no one is just throwing out chain combos to launcher and expecting good damage.

@the op
Ease of execution and ease of use are two very different things, while hugo and heihachi are both relatively simple execution wise both of them are hard to play. Hugo because hes huge and slow, Heihachi because hes slow and needs to be point blank to do his damage. If your new find a balance, ryu is probably the safest bet.

Lili have easy inputs but that doesn’t mean you’re going to win with her. I’m still practicing.

All Shotos and Sagat, Poison too

Heihachi, Rolento, Ken, Law


Nina is pretty beginner friendly.

Can’t say i agree with that.

Easy/hard combos does not mean easy/hard characters.

I absolutely suck at execution, like, I can only get to trial 17 on average. but nina was one of the ones I did the best with at 90%, and i could see the way her moves work out in combos really easily. the fact that her c.HP is special cancelable and has huge range and priority is a pretty nice boon to her, as is her juggle QCB+K, and her juggle target combo MK LK MP. she seems to just be able to relaunch you as much as she pleases, especially with EX because then you get access to the EX RDP+P which causes a groundbounce.

so, in summary, nina is light on execution, easy combos, simple to visualize how she would be effective in a real match and plan accordingly. her weaknesses are some extreme recovery frames sometimes and she bleeds like a motherfucker, but all in all i think she’s a pretty damn great character. i’m probably not gonna use her though.


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