Easiest pad hack for 360?


Quick question : What is the easiest xbox 360 controller to pad hack? I dont need to use the trigger buttons.

By the light of the moon please


Mad Catz FightPad.



last question : is it compatible with pc?

i pretty much messed up my last pad hack.

Got some experience at least




I’m going to have to make you a pinout, because the pictures are gone from that Thread.
Although there is another pinout that exists.
You can search for it.


the real question is does your joystick say in big letters jdm714 anywhere?


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I’ll post it up soon



Some of the generic xbox360 pads sold on ebay work very well for hack. But the triggers will work with common ground only if you do the trasistor trick.

EDIT: someone posted a thread with some pics of the controllers, but I can’t find it anymore.


Careful with that you find on ebay.

I just want to reiterate what rtzing and jdm 714 already have stated, The Mad Catz Fightpad is the easiest Xbox 360 pad to hack, even if you are not using triggers. Don’t want triggers, do not use those 2 points to solder too.

With not using triggers on most pads, you ether have to
A: leave the potentiometers in place, set to neutral and glue it down so they do not move,
B: neutralized with a resistor hack or
C: a transistor/ IC chip hack.

B and C are 2 different methods to the same hack.

This is because unconnected triggers can become jumpy and act up, causing the rest of the PCB to give out false inputs.

The Mad Catz Fightpad has no potentiometers to deal with. We have hundreds of modders do thousands of projects to verify this.


True. Now looking at the pics, the madcatz pcb has not analog sticks what makes it the easiest, cause you don’t need to remove triggers, remove anolog sticks and set them to neutral.