Easiest solution to get one stick to work on both Xbox360 and PS3

Hi guys,

I was looking through the forums and found that user Jessurugi posted this:

“I don’t know that anyone will care, but I found an adapter for xbox360 controllers to be used on ps3. http://www.consoleshop.com/product.php?productid=21051 So anyone planning to go to EVO but only has a 360, this is probably your cheapest solution.”


I guess this clarifies the statement made by jhferry when he states:

“Q: What if I want to mod the joystick to work with both 360 and PS3?
A: You should probably get the 360 one.”


I suppose this is coming up more because with the new SFIV sticks out, people are wondering if they can get whatever is in stock and ‘mod’ it to work for their system. Or simply having the flexibility of being able to use it on either system.

Has anyone used this device? By the video, it appears to run rather smooth (no lag) but they do use it with the original xbox360 controller so it may or may not make a difference when using a stick. Btw, if anyone knows of a similar device that is cheaper or better, please tell.

He said you should probably get the 360 stick because it is far easier to add a PS3 PCB to a 360 stick for a dual-PCB mod than it is to add a 360 PCB to a PS3 stick.

There’s already a thread on the XCM cross battle adapter (there is also one that works PS3->360 in development, btw).

neither of those adapters are good for the sticks since they were made for controllers that send out analog signals