Easiest Tekken Character For A Street Fighter And Vice Versa


I know the games still pretty fresh but I’d still like to hear everyone’s OPINIONS


Kazuya’s probably the easiest to understand and he has all the tools you could need in a Tekken character.

Ryu and Rolento are the same case on the SF side. Rolento plays pretty similarly to a Tekken character too, but if you prefer trying to start from scratch Ryu is always a solid choice.


I will say that either Ken, or Sagat are the easiest to learn from the street fighter side. They have no long flashy combos, or no half circle motions.

I haven’t played the Tekken cast yet, however, my girlfriend says that Law was her favorite that she played so far.


Two words…TORO & KURO!!!


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Raven doesnt really feel like a tekken character, so hes easy to pick up.

For tekken players rolento is the closest or abel because they are straight rush down. Tekken players love that frame trapping.


No long practical flashy combos. Sorry I need to be more specific around here obv… His j.HK->target combo->hp shoryuken is not the best, but very easy for anyone and its a good amount of damage. No need to even link. Since this is a thread for new players, I did not think about combos like that.


Raven feels more SF than Tekken. Guile is easy to pick up simply because he only has two special moves.


… thats 3 meters. I doubt someone picking a character up to learn fundamentals will be trying to burn 3 meters in one combo, and can Ken do something to out damage that without meter?


Raven is more SF than Tekken, he doesn’t really use strings like the other characters to launch his offense, and fireballs are a huge part of his game. He really rewards understanding how fireballs work in 2D games.


Paul is very easy to understand.


most like a tekken character of the sf4 cast: ibuki. best character for a tekken player to learn streetfighter: ryu

easiest tekken character for a streetfighter to pick up? marduk is a grappler and plays like one from streetfighter. jin however is the most obvious choice.



Dunno about Kazuya… that mist step is gonna be fairly difficult for SF players (at least it was for me) given that its an entirely new motion and I think to be pretty good with him you’re gonna have to be able to do that consistently for damage and getting in. He also has a fair amount of high/low chains.

The way Mike Ross plays Marduk he might as well be a SF grappler, so I’d say him.


raven seems to be the man for us SF’er’s (lol) that and MARDOOOOOOOOOK!

i had a hidden agenda for this thread, i kinda wanted to know which tekken guy i should use and i would be happy to use Raven… if only his name was more enjoyable to say like MARDOOOOOOOOOK or muck duck or marmaduke!


Heihachi… For a SF Player… Combos are easy.


haven’t played with too many from the tekken cast , but so far I agree with Raven. Fireball seams to be a huge part of his game, that and his dash attack thing, and a teleport.
I never would have guessed he was tekken if he wasn’t on the right hand side of the character select.
All the others have really strange motions or timings, and stances or moves that have to be done in order to do that actual move you want. I find most of them pretty awkward.