Easiest Way to Change TE Layout

So I want to mod my TE, I have the art prepared and the buttons/balltop to go with it, but the problem is that I want to mod the TE to only use the first 6 buttons.

Now I’m wondering if simply ordering a 6 button plexi and art from Art will do the job, or will the art eventually recess somewhat into the last 2 button holes on the metal plate which it covers? If so, what’s my best option?

Also, as far as internal wiring goes, is it as easy as just not plugging in the wires that were originally plugged into the LT/LB slots, or would I have to remove them completely from the stick?

Thanks for any help.

Well, the actual card stock art uses is pretty thick so the art wont necessarily recess unless you force beyond that the plexi is pretty sturdy. I personally wire tie the extra wires and move them to the side but if your really worried about shorts just take the wires off. Good Luck!

the wires are incredibly easy to remove from the stick because they put them in such a simple barrier strip

otherwise tape them off so no metal is touching metal

The paper that arthong uses is thick.
The card stock will not fall down the hole.

Either remove the wires of unused, or tape each Quick Disconnect to prevent shorting from touching each other or metal.

Im not using the two right buttons on my te stick, all i did was tape them and leave them in the case.

I ordered 6 button plexi from Art.

Pretty much, get some different art, or get some button hole covers. Best cover is a sheet of plexi. Arthrong will fix you up for either of the two.