Easiest way to dual mod a 360 Brawl stick?


Done some searching on these boards and only found examples for people who owned PS3 sticks, so I’ll ask about the 360 version! Solderless would be a plus but not completely necessary. Thanks!


Brawlstick’s are not the easiest things to dual mod and you will need some modding experience (along with the right tools) to get it right.

IMO the best results come from installing a ChImp SMD board. Soldering is required as well as re-shaping the inner shell.

This is how I do it - placing the ChImp SMD under the 360 motherboard and removing the 2 USB resistors so you don’t need to cut the USB cable (thanks again to J&J for pointing that out.


I believe that a TE Kitty works on the SE as well.


The only reason I did not suggest that is because I don’t think there are any cables designed to link it to a Brawlstick pcb. They are different to the SE / TE and TE-S pcb’s.


Wow i never thought of placing it there. i have two SE sticks that i have put off on modding because of the lack of room. Thanks for sharing the info. i shall work on modding them this summer for sure. My only Q is how is wire management in that situation?


The ChImp SMD will not naturally fit in that space, first you need to grind down the bases of those plastic posts with a Dremel and carefully cut out some notches for the board to sit. If done correctly then the ChImp SMD will be securely in place and there will be a gap between that and the 360 motherboard. I used 14cm pieces of tinned wire IIRC which is wrapped around the sides of the SMD and soldered into place. As you can see in the mod above it is very discreet with none of my wiring showing.

Microsoft Paint:


It will connect up to a 360 SE just fine, but securely mounting the PCB is hard and would require dremeling.
TE Kitty wont properly connect up with a Brawl stick because of the added P00 line.