Easiest way to mount Neutrik USB into HRAP EX?

Hey guys, question is just as the title suggests. The inside of the HRAP EX seems very cramped, so I was wondering what you guys did (or would do) to accommodate a neutrik usb passthrough. Like, exactly where I should mount it, how to secure the bolts, etc. Thanks in advance!

You will want to use a 24 mm drill bit, hole saw or foster bit for the main opening. You Also want two small holes use like a 2mm bit you have for screw holes an then you can use course thread screws like for wood. Or you can use some 3 or 4 mm holes with a M3 sized screws and nuts, use flat or counter sunk screws if the mount plate to the Neutrik is outside the case or button type screw heads if the mount is on the inside.

You can also skip the 2 smaller screw holes if you want to glue the Neutrik in place.

Here is an example of how I installed a Neutrik in a Hrap - EX


Thanks for the quick reply Sakul, but I was hoping to get a little more specific of an answer. I have all the parts I need, including nylon nuts and countersunk bolts, but the problem I have is exactly *how *I would go about putting them in. In the picture below, which cavity would I choose to put the Neutrik through? And with that, how would I even fit the plugged in USB cable with the lack of width inside once the port is installed? And lastly (sorry to sound so winded), even if I were to choose a cavity, how would I even go about securing the nuts when the plastic body is blocking me from getting a grip on it?

24mm or 15/16 inch hole saw. Drill through both walls.

^ Exactly what I was looking for JDM and rtdzign. Thanks!

Not to Necro and old thread, but I figured it would be better to build upon an exisiting than make a new thread…

Did you guys drill the screw holes first? I worry about the plastic buckling if I drill the 24mm hole first. That thought could be off base though…


24mm hole first.