Easiest way to piano?


I use Blanka and have found the slide method to be inconsistent sometimes, but when I try to piano LP MP HP LP HP, my hand won’t let me do it, and when I try to do LP HP MP LP HP, the HP and the MP always end up being counted as they are together so I can’t get all the inputs


Oh good. I use to main blanka until I decided he was too easy to get wins with.

The Mullah would tell you that the best way to piano electricity is lp mp hp hp hp. Its awkward at first but it works great.

Now about pianoing lp hp mp lp hp, it takes about 30 mins to learn in training mode. so I would go into training mode and just piano all day.

Question: Do you play on a fightpad or a stick? I use to have the same problem when I was on pad, but I could do it on stick without a problem.


I use stick, but pianoing was easier on pad since I could just do X Y X Y RB with no problems

On a side note how do I use MSP? I can do the infinite but I never get the opportunity to land it in a match, and when Magneto dies, I always lose because I can’t use Storm for anything other than meter building


To learn MSP, you gotta do a few things:

  1. Stop giving a shit.

  2. Learn the rom.

  3. Learn Storms bnb w/ psylocke. cr. lk, cr. lp + psylock, launch after psylocke hits, sj. lk, sj. lk xx Lighting attack xxx lightning storm.

  4. RTSD.

  5. Don’t block, unless you have to.

  6. Learn when to runaway with Storm. Sometimes you are going have to run.

  7. learn how to hit the rom in any occassion. For example, if sentinel is flying low and he isn’t spacing right, do a rising lk into rom. It works like magic.

  8. Learn how to combo his overheads and his lows.

My short ghetto MSP guide.