Easiest Way to Turn a Tekken 5 HRAP into a hitbox?

Just wanted to know the easiest way of doing this since, I wanted to turn mine into a hitbox. Thanks

The easiest way is to have a custom top panel made specifically with a hitbox layout.

Using the top panel the T5 hori comes with, there is “no” easy way to do it, as you’ll need to remove the joystick mounting brackets, then drill out more button holes. You “may” also need to fill in the existing hole for the joystick, depending on layout.

Get a replacement panel with the hitbox layout from Art @ tek-innovations.com. See his thread here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/61858

Check out Art’s stuff at tek-innovations.com
He makes custom replacement panels that you can build on his site.
Check Here
and Here