Easist Charicter to play on pad



Im a pad player and im lovin gief do you guys find gief relativley easy to play on a pad.


Depends on how well you can do his circle motions. I play Akuma sometimes at night on DS3 and it’s pretty tough getting the Shaku out every now and again. Gief’s double circle motions may pose a problem but it’s nothing a little practice won’t fix I’m thinking everyone would say.


Depends on what level you are at. Which is impossible to know. Most characters are easily playable on both pad and stick. I was a pad player back in 2009 and early 2010. I remember when Switching to a stick, my execution improved after just 3 weeks. and My reactions became ALOT better.


I suck on stick better on pad. Gave it a shot in 2010 and whenever I’m at the arcade I can do motions quicker on pad.