East Coast 3s IRC

irc.efnet.net, #eastcoast3s

Join, and chat and shit.

Matchmaking on Kaillera?

It’s entirely possible, I’m not sure who in the channel uses Kaillera, if anyone, but it’s worth hopping in to see what you can work out.

nfba latest version with the latest version of p2p kaillera and some people will be down

Let’s get some more people in here, daytime hours are really slow but the channel’s usually jumpin’ at around 8pm or later. When more people start to log in I hope to use it for putting together gatherings and such. Right now you can hop in and discuss ideas for a pre-major tournament that’s being planned… or tattoos or something.

The last part of that sounds about right. :lol:

Also we need people who are around most of the day to give ops or keep them till we get back.

Yeah the way ops on Efnet works is dumbtacular but whatever.