--- East Coast Championships 10 (ECCX): Revelations Trailer Video ---

Yes! Myself & the rest of J Media, under the watchful eye of JetPhi, have finally finished the Trailer for ECCX. I know some of you have been dying to see it, and some got an early preview. I am very aware of where all the footage used came from, so please don’t post saying “That wasn’t ECC LOLOL!!!11!!!” because we know, and the point of all the footage was to display the East Coast experience. So without further delay…

:encore: ECC X Trailer Video :encore:

J Media

Erik owns that trailer for free…

what in the hell was all that mess?

a bunch of black people waving money around and going crazy

I thought it was cool

it emphasized less on match footage and more on the people

I loved the way you did it, DOC. The music was hot! :tup:

that shit was tight. I never seen somebody freestyle about Marvel. that was tight. Who was that freestyling?

its a reynolds wrap!!

Hah, ever since promo vids for gaming events, I’ve been waiting for someone to do this. Great vid~~

haha nice clip from the cable comeback video. btw, anyone know where i can find it?


IM me for the cable comeback, the rapper was ohjay i believe?

Oh man…jab jab rocket punch.

that freestyle was from my man ohkayyyyyyyy

FUCK! This is the same time as AZ.

Did someone say 150 bucks on a coin toss?

Holy shit.


That was just like where I live…ghetto as shit. If I wanted to see shit like that I could just walk outside my apartment.

not much of a trailer but it’ll do :slight_smile:

actually dunellen isn’t ghetto at all

i think it’s a pretty white town

Dunellen is about as white trash as Jersey gets. Just check the locals who come in all the time and you’ll see.