East Coast EVO?

Is there any chance they will ever have an EVO event on the East Coast? Thanks

Doubt it.

Evo organizers are based on the West Coast, they don’t really have much incentive to pack up and head out east. There are several major East Coast tournies that happen throughout the year, such as Northeast Championships in Philly, and Final Round in Atlanta. If you’re looking for East Coast majors, these are good places to start.

Thats a shame. If they had a EVO tournament on the East Coast I think they might have a bigger numbers of entrants based on the population distribution/age groups. MLG ( i know mostly everyone dislikes them) Hold a majority of their events on the East Coast because they get much better turnouts. I realize Cali is the biggest spot for the SF/Fighting Game scene an a majority of the best players reside their but as far as overall entrance numbers and money made I think they could do just as good if not better with an East Coast EVO in Atlantic City, New York, Boston etc. Do you agree/disagree? is my logic flawed?

evo has been going on for more than a decade, and theres no sign they’re moving it out to east coast

im sure they know what they’re doing

Hii guys!!!
I’m new to the Evo scene and I’m curious where Evo is usually located.

I realize this year it’s in Vegas but is the event always in Vegas?
I live in San Diego California and I was just wondering if Evo would be held in Socal. Very interested in watching and hopefully competing, but driving to Vegas would be pretty rough.

If EVO held a tournament in Boston, I would orgasm.

EVO actually started in socal
first at UCLA and then moved to Calpoly pomona

starting in 2005, it moved to vegas, where it will probably stay forever, because vegas is such a good vacation spot.

People come from all over the world for this, so being in SoCal you’re relatively close. Just depends on how much you really want to go.

Evo japan get hyped!

It doesn’t get much more east coast than That!

i think we should move it as close to the OP doorstep as we can. pretty sure mastrl21 still wouldn’t go though.

Actually the B series, the precursor to EVO, started in NorCal

Far-East coast.

Never say never. There have been years where they have had Evo West, East, North, South and World Finals in Vegas.

I would love an EVO for East Coast. EVO JPN happens on my birthday but it would be impractical/expensive for me to go but its a nice present!