East Coast Florida Tournament 7/28/07!

Slated for Saturday, July 28th, 2007 at Searstown Mall, in Titusville, Florida.

All gamers report to Riptide Videogames at Noon for signing up and we will begin preliminary rounds shortly after that.

Winners for this event:
Singles winner = Swaptrick Champion, $100 prize money, Swaptrick Champion medal.
Team winners (2 players) = Swaptrick Team Champions, $100 prize money a piece, and the Swaptrick Team Champions medals.

We will be have a capped amount of competition slots, 80 of them. We will be able to work with less than that as well. 80 competitor tickets will be available for purchase at 10$ a piece. This gets you into the running for the cash prize, and will most likely get you an excellent discount for food and drinks. If we can put together a prize raffle, that will most likely put you into the running for that as well.

We will be working with a “Group” system, which is primarily a division system used at other tournaments. This is similar to our setup at Breakdown, only there will be 4 groups divided up by color. I have been making brackets for Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow groups. Each group will have 20 competitor slots open. Slots will be numbered across the board from 1-80, meaning the Red group will have 1-20, the Blue group will have 21-40, etc. Once all competitors have bought their tickets, signed in, and the ticket sale time expires, all present competitors will be asked to reach into a box and draw a ticket. These tickets will be numbered from 1, to the highest number of competitors we’ve had sign up, 60, 70, 80, whatever. Regardless of the final total, we will divide competitors between the groups as evenly as possible. When a competitor draws a ticket, they will know which group and number they are. Red 7, Blue 25, Green 48, Yellow 76, etc. They will then be able to see which other competitors they will be facing by comparing color groups and numbers.

All 4 groups will compete in all games. Lets say the list of games is Halo 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart DD, and Tekken DR or a similar fighter. All competitors, regardless of group, will compete in all 4 games. Each competitor who advances will gain points. When all 4 groups have competed in all of the games, the player with the most points from each group will move on to the Tournament Finals with a clean slate for points. Starting with 0 points, all 4 competitors will compete with each other in each of the games, gaining points each time they win. The winner of these 4 competitors will be named Swaptrick Champion and will receive our main prize.

As for team play, we will have 10 team slots open for registration. Teams of 2 players will be expected, and will face off against other 2 man teams in games of our choosing, probably Halo 2, and Gears of War. Each team that progresses will gain points similar to the singles matches, each time they progress. At the end of the team play competition, the highest scoring team will be named Swaptrick Team Champions.

Our Swaptrick Championship belt will be presented to the singles champion, and they can have their picture and video taken with the belt. They will also be presented with a custom full color Swaptrick medal, as will the team champions, which is theirs to keep as a record of their conquests along with their prizes.

We’re expecting Bawls Guarana energy drink as well as Stone Creek Pizza to return. Prices will be similar to what they were at our Fallout tournament, 2$ bottles of Bawls, which is 50 cents less than retail, 50 cent regular drinks, and 1$ slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza. Other food items will be assorted with varying prices.

We’re also planning to raffle off another Nintendo Wii system.

For all other info visit www.swaptrick.com!

what games???

It’s a random game tournament can’t you tell?

They have the names of every game every made in big hat. And then everyone picks a game from a hat. You have to play the game that you picked.

But then after everyone picks from the hat, the host of the tournament realizes that everyone obviously picked a different game because there’s only 1 paper with each game in the hat.

By that time it’s too late to do it all over again, so everyone plays the game they picked against the computer. And if you beat the computer you win $100 that you have to split with everyone else who beat the computer.

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