East Coast/Mid-Atlantic XBox Live group



Since I couldn’t find anyone else who’d done so, I decided to take the initiative and create an XBox Live group for East Coast/Mid-Atlantic SF players.

GamerTag: SF East Coast

Please join (add as a friend) if you’re located in the the New York city to DC corridor (including Baltimore, Philly, NoVA, and whatever there is in NJ), or have suitably low pings to that region of the United States.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of creating a GamerTag for a group, this allows you to quickly check SF East Coast’s friends list (public) to see who else is online and ready to play without cluttering up your own friends list. It also makes it much easier to run tournaments.

If there’s another group for this region already set up that I overlooked, please let me know and I’ll merge/close this one.

It would be best if you simply friended SF East Coast yourself, but if you’re not near your XBox and don’t want to use xbox.com, feel free to post your GT in this thread and I’ll add you.


This is a great and long over due idea. :lovin:
Way to go! :tup:


0_0 didnt think any one else from alexandria played sf!?! lol


@baby jesus: I noticed both you and Kros on the XBL GamerTag thread. So there are at least three of us. :slight_smile:

@HadokenFan: Not to diss PR, but you’re a bit far from the targetted region. Yeah, the “SF East Coast” bit is a little misleading, but it sounds better than “SF NYC-DC corridor”.

We’re up to well over 40 players now, BTW.


Oh well.
doesn’t add to friend list


Pittsburgh here, add me.


I’ll add alot of you whenever i get home. Nj, btw.


add me, I live in maryland. I added the group to my friends.


add me, in Staten Island…tag is SooCrispy


I live in Central New York, but I have been to NYC for some Smash Lans. I’ll add.


Just sent friend request.



I wish someone would do this for the Midwest :frowning:




Should have a few FR’s waiting.


add me as well need some quality competition


Add me Tobias911SH , im from ALbany, NY


requested. tag is under avatar if you are wondering.


really? im from buffalo ahahah


I’m in.
GT: PhillyVegro


Sc00t Magee, long island NY