Its been a while since i last ran a tournament but being that Neiman is running his 3s tournaments on the WC, ill take this side of the coast and do the same

Registration/ Date: **Friday July 31, 2009
I will take registration through Mirc as well as the ggpo main chat however i recommend registering through irc to be organized and avoid all the spam that certain ppl do in the main chat/ it is the players responsibility to be present for their match when called if they are not in the irc channel

Irc Channel: #ECggpo on efnet

I will be spamming the brackets in Mirc, but only post them ONCE in ggpo main chat so if you miss it and you dont have Mirc…tough shit

i may be taking registration through both ggpo and mirc but if i announce the brackets, or call you for your match and you’re not present for 5 min

i will DQ you and send you into losers, its the price you pay for not wanting to be organized and get a simple program as Mirc


Registration time: **6:30 P.M **

Tournament Start time: 7 P.M

  1. *Double Elimination, 2/3 games till finals, All Finals will be 3/5
  1. Players are allowed to switch there characters throughout the tournament

  2. Winners must stick with same character they won the game with, Losers are allowed to switch

  3. If players game Disconnects, Freezes, or drops before match is resolved/ Game will be played again until Winner is determined

If it continues to occur/ i will ask both players a random number question to determine the winner of a ROUND

  1. If a game is laggy, it is the players obligation to raise their smoothing/delay to accommodate the match for a smooth game
    That i leave up to the players to deal with

  2. I ask players to give at least 20 secs to wait for specs to enter their game, i know this has been a problem so give ppl time to enter

If its a constant problem of ppl coming and going during the match, at least 1 of the players can just X out the main chat for ggpo and case closed

If i get a good turnout for this tournament ill be more than happy to run these either weekly or bi-weekly, ill even turn these into Ranking Battles if its good enough and we can gauge the amount of competition there is on the EC compared to the WC

If there are any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them here

This is a bragging rights thing right? No entry fee/FIGHT MONEY?


no money, no nothing, just…fun

Sounds like fun, I guess I’ll sign up.

So where exactly can we sign up? on this page or somewhere else?
And thanks for actually starting something like this.

its all in the first post

you can either register from Mirc or the ggpo main chat but as i said i prefer Mirc so its easier to contact players whos matches are up

plus if you register from the main chat its your responsibility to report for your match, otherwise you got 5 min or else its GGPO for real

I read the post, wat i don’t understand is wat to i do at mirc, i go to the website? and then? All i can get to is either or forum or some place to pay and register

random number question to determine the winner? why not just do a quick round and first unblocked hit wins?

thats just as bad

either way if it goes like that both players would avoid getting hit possibly until they disconnect again

lag can come into play too if they try that

Tournament is tentative today due to work :sad::sad:

if its not run today itll be re scheduled to next friday

it’s simple. go to mirc website and download the program. its free. ur not required to pay anything but they still ask for donations and what not. the when ur there config it very simple, and go to servers click on efnet server and connect. then when u ocnnect, a window will come up and it will ask u what room u want to go to in which u type # and the room name associated with it. hope that helps!! hypermomb.

Top 8 Results (Total entrants= 16) http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=332572

1)Nica K.O (ken, yun, yang)
2)Scrimps (remy, chun)
3)YellowS4 (dudley)
4)Esjihn (akuma)
5)Denjizz (ryu, ken?)
5)Klaxor (dudley)
7)Furious One (???)
7)AntiShoto (necro)

Overall i liked the turnout tonight i didnt rly expect this many players to show up for an EC tournament, but i appreciate everyone signing up and playing to have fun

although there were a few slowdowns in the losers bracket, it all ended soundly and everything was smooth sailing from there…also another thing im a lil disappointed about was that some other good players came late and some didnt show like Chaitea, Eish, Blaq, GREEK, and others but ill see if i can run these later so we can get them to show up :wgrin:

Again i wanna thank all the players that showed up and hopefully if the next tournament goes well, ill definitely turn these into ranking battles so players can play harder
Hope to see you guys Next Time!!! :tup:


wish i saw this.

when is the next one

im gonna wait till after SBO weekend to hold the next one so thats in like 3 weeks or somethin

Did HOLD DAT quit 3S? Tis a shame if he did. Who are the good 3S players on the EC Nica? I only know of you, Exo, and Ohchi.

i know he didnt quit 3s cuz no one can but he probably plays sf4 more often than 3s…Exo i dont see anymore and Ohchi plays sf4 more too

theres that guy JPuccaberri who i told you about but thats about it plus hes only on ggpo and kofiend plays on 2df but idk if he would like playing coast to coast

other than those players there arent that many that can run with you in a long set

SBO has ended and I’d like to stand up

Hold Dat still plays me and him bombed at EVO in teams. :rofl:

Some good players are Nica, KOFiend, Lavaheart, Issei, Helgen, Mr. Quotes, Therapist, Flare, Jibbo, Face, Eric Kim, Cajun Strike and Epsilon is who i could come up with.

yea them too but a few of them dont play online

just so you know Tenren