East Coast Street Fighter 4 Pro Team Season Coming Soon! Sign Up

East Coast Street Fighter Team Season!!!

Alright check it as we all know Street Fighter 4 is a game that evolves in time, and is highly competitive, (obviously the most competitive fighting game out there right now. Am I right people?) Anyway we are devoted to making a competition that also evolves alongside with the game. And what better idea than a...

drum rolls

Pro Team Season

Location: The E-Spot Internet and Gaming Center (www.theEspot.com)
445 Central Ave. Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307
(More locations to come if season is a success)

Registration fee - N/A Anywhere from $0 - $15

Season Information: The season will be played primarily on PS3 (XBOX 360 match up available upon request). Matches take place in a Team Elimination Style, a standard best of 3 rounds for each fight. The team that eliminates the other wins the match. During each match each team member must stick with their character, and there can not be clones, for example no 2 sagats. We advise that you bring your own Arcade Sticks/Controllers. All characters are allowed, if there are disputes over the use of Seth Gouken and Akuma, they will be taken into consideration.

Each player and each team will have a STAT CARD, with Win/Loss, KO count etc.

After the season is over, the top teams will play in a Play-Offs.
Play-Off matches are played the same except in a series of 5 matches, and will be streamed for viewing.

The Team that become champions will be crowned the best team of the East Coast Pro Team.

Prizes at the moment are still in the air maybe a cash prize, a fully paid expense to the next Evo, or maybe a custom Triumvir Street Fighter Champion Apparel (lol believe me we are working on it, its total freshness)

After all that is done with, an All Star Pro tournament will be hosted. Where the top players of the season will be invited to compete in a singles double elimination tournament.

Here is how teams will be set up…

Teams of 4 or 5 (pending on turnout of players that come)
Each team will be put together based on location and skill level of each entrant (team requests will be heard, but nothing will be promised) so that all teams have a fair chance and are balanced.

Each team will have an elected Captain and Co-Captain

Captain - Is responsible for and the decision maker of player trades (i.e. Lets say the captain of team shoto wants to trade a player for another from team shadaloo the trade will only go through if captain of team shadaloo agrees to it, and must notify us of the change.) Captain is also responsible of match reschedules/ delays, and player line-up.

Co-Captain - Has the same privileges as Captain minus the ability to trade characters.

We are looking for a minimum 16 teams, and because we are so loyal to street fighter if possible we will host 64…

Now before you all get mad about not being able to pick your all star team I want you to understand that:

A. We want to ensure that all teams have an equal shot at the East Coast crown.
B. We want to implement a far more closer bond in teams and players.
C. To blur the line between casual players and core competitive players, so that means if you have a deadweight player its your job to improve him, thus if he improves chances are he will take his knowledge and share it with his friends as well.
D. In other words our goal is to provide a lengthy competition for you, as well as widen the scope and amount of players and fan base there is in the street fighter community.


For More Information or to notify me of anything you want just PM me.


Yeah it definitely is, we got a good 20 heads already these are cats that I usually meet at china town fair. So yeah the competition is already getting hot. We want to get this started by September 16th.

And a lot of them are putting up their own pots to wager in. Lol I’ll allow it.

Do I need to have a team already? No one I know in real life plays this game

Nope you dont necessarily need a team, since what we will do is look at how well you play, and where you are located, so with that all in mind we will mix you into a team to your benefit.

Like we understand that not everyone has a car or can commute so easily, and we take that into consideration. I mean me personally I go probably once a week to china town. So I understand all the costs that there might be at extra, therefore we wanna select whoever is close enough for you.

For New Yorkers its a pretty simple bus ride out here from Port Authority. For anyone in jersey connecticut or anywhere in the tristate its pretty much the same thing.

Everyone else will probably take a 4 hour drive. Except PA, its a little under 2 hours.

Your post says PS3, but the actual event says all matches are on 360. Can we assume there will be both?

yes you can, and i will assure that we host it on both, so that way we can suit all players, although i would prefer we run it on PS3.

The tournament and the season are two different things. While I will run the season, I will not be running the tournament which is solely hosted on 360 platform, which if anyone is attending that… i would advise you bring your own HDD.

free trade will only result in people getting the team they originally wanted but couldn’t because teams were assigned to them.

first aug 2009er I see, first FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILBOAAAAAAAAT that comes by.

Yeah I see where you are coming from with this. But thats why its the Captain’s job to do the trades. Lets say you have all but one member that you want, and hes on the other team then you approach the captain of the team he is assigned to. Now yes you can get him if you went, but thats only if the captain of that team agrees to the trade you offered him. But of course if hes one of the stronger teammates he is most likely going to not go along with this trade. Think of the trades like you would of any sport. In NFL you would love to have a team with the likes of Favre, Bush, TO, etc… but lets be honest no other team is going to let you have it that easy, and thats how the teams will maintain balance.

Word. Then again, combining the words “blurring the line between competitive and core players” and “East Coast Pro Team” is already contradictory.

Good in theory, but sounds kind of messy right now.

Are you familiar with a team called the New York Yankees. They use real money to enable the trades they want.

Yeah but what would you prefer the money if you get the championship, or the $100 dollars that random guy offers you, cmon lets be real George Steinbrenner does not own a Street Fighter team lol… so relax, besides all trades are going through me first, if I sense some foul play in the trades I will take a look into it, and call off the trade. Moreover the way I am going to set up these teams which is based on location and skill. (im leaning a little bit over to location for everyone’s conveinience)

And I said blur the line because look at it this way… your casual player is your team’s deadweight, any real Pro team will make sure that their deadweight gets the most practice so that way hes more likely to hold his own. And thats where the blur is… where the more competitive players find that they must focus on bettering their weaker players you get what I mean? Like not everyone is going to be pro in this, but I can garantee you that the teams that make it further are worthy of being called “Pro”

And I do agree this is messy, but I’m working at it daily. As for now I want to focus on the turn out of people, from there we will discuss everything else regarding prizes etc. But nonetheless you want to bring all your friends in… the more… the more money you got to the pot.

This here is why the pro players wont show up. They dont want to waste their time training someone else. They want to take their own skills and win that money.

Thats true as well. And lets face it a pro player could even clutch it and wipe out a whole team if they are that good. Maybe its in your interest that they don’t show lol. Easy win for you, and if they do could very well be an easy win for them. In short, they won’t necessarily have to train them, cause there is no doubt in my mind that they could carry their whole team. But it would be nice to see them help out the suckier plays.

Like I said Street Fighter is an ever changing game, the players help evolve it, and if that one pro player can take the time to forge pro players out of deadweight, then obviously it is a win win for everyone. You get what I mean, this caters to everyone the competitors, the players, the franchise etc., and while you may not see that now, I can garantee that while the season goes you will notice it gradually. These things take time bro.