East coast throwdown 3 (3rd strike results?)

Anyone have any word on the results of the 3s tourney at this past weekends ECT3?

Here is the trailer for the ECT3 Beast Coasts Event:

We don’t do dub step sorry…lol…

sick trailer, almost had a seizure though… was worth it!

The Suit (the guy who made that trailer) posted this on Facebook

1- Mutant XP (NE)
2- Fuberduck (CH)
3- Eric KIm (MA)

So that’s all I know.

Mutant XP reppin’ SoCal.

He was one of those dudes that would sit there beasting you until you learned. He once had like an 92 win streak on my buds and me when we were first starting out. Ahh nostalgia.

Damn, Mutant XP dub stepped on the east coast.