East Coast Throwdown 3 - EVO 2011 Tournament Season - NJ - June 25-26 - SFxT & S-Kill!

I was in Pool B (AE) and it took way too long. We only had one set up because the other TV was too laggy and they ran out of PS3s. My luck.

Was still a blast. Everyone was cool except a few that never heard of deodorant. Shocker.

Just alittle over-booked. I think they had 500 just for AE? I could be wrong…Place was packed. Hope next year is in Atlantic City.

i had fun too, thanks to everyone who let me borrow their stick, i was the busta with the florida daytona beach shirt :3.

Edit: My bad for getting so salty about the event. It’s no small task to put together such a large event. Thank you to everyone that worked so hard to put ECT3 together.

I think it was 500 overall. Does anyone know why the first four pools for AE got so far behind? I know the one tv was apparently laggy and then they were down a system. I knew things were going to fall behind, but I didn’t think it would get as far behind as it was. The power going out for MK and Tekken didn’t help, but once Tekken was done, couldn’t they just of used those systems and TVs for AE? Surely some people could of lent out copies of AE if they had physical copies or brought their systems if they downloaded it.

Physical copies of AE come out Tuesday, brah.

This isn’t my official shout out post or anything, but AE got delayed for 2 reasons.

1 hour wasted because of the power outage on the left side of the room. Had to wait for the extra power drop. Shouts to Eric and Henry for running lines from outside to get things started again.

7 systems wouldn’t load Arcade Edition. We would get an error when we started the game saying that there was an error while loading downloadable content. This made us short on systems like crazy. Sorry for the huge delay, it’s not something we could have predicted happening. We really appreciate everyone’s patience.

“Nerd Josh in Cali enjoying that alcohol, sunlight, and bitch.”
-Chris Hu

Fun tournament. A little long running but didn’t effect me.
I’d like to help out in any upcoming events if you need a hand.

awesome tournament, can’t wait for next year.

Yo, it’s Malice. I tried to help out by lending my console. Sucks hearing that those consoles wouldn’t load AE.

And I wasn’t at ECT for that long, but I had too much damn fun while I was there. Can’t wait for next year.

I’ll admit, a huge smile came over my face when I saw the stream chat when Sp00ky brought me on just to talk a little bit about the site. Note the first thing out of my mouth was “don’t worry guys, it’s not what you think”. =)

That said, thanks to all of you who helped make ECT3 such a great event; John and Joe, Team Spooky, all the sponsors, all the staff (more people than you will never know about) who did all the countless little things that did their best to make the experience great for each and every person who attended.

But most importantly, thanks to all of you who participated, watched, or promoted in any way. ECT3 simply wouldn’t be what it is without the community.

Despite the problems with stuff running late on Saturday, I still had an amazing time. Planning on volunteering to run pools next year so that things can run smoother. Might even bring a setup, too. Who knows?

First tournament had a amazing time. Can’t wait for next year. Thanks Joe and John

I had a great time this year at ECT3. We had some issues with ps3’s on saturday that I actually didn’t hear about until Sunday but John and Joe handled everything as best as someone could have and because of that they were able to blow it up on Sunday and finish the tournament up super fast.

Last year at ECT2 I was a good 3 days out of surgery to have a cancerous tumor the size of a softball removed from under my arm. I was literally held together with staples. This last year has been rough for me having to deal with a lot of those medical issues but walking into ECT3 healthy and surrounded by great friends really drove home for me just how lucky I am. Last year’s ECT is something ill think of as a great memory that was afflicted with a lot of medical issues. But from this year on ECT stands as a milestone for me to evaluate where I am in my life. Right now I’m surrounded by great friends like John, Joe, Carlos, b money, the strong island crew, Casper one, and all the NY players. And I’m healthy and cancer free. I have to thank everybody that came to ECT3 for making it such a memorable event for me.

I did my absolute best running AE pools A and B so i am really sorry if anyone was unhappy with the way the pools were run. I can only say that next year I’ll work even harder for all of you so you can have as great of an experience at ECT as I have.

Again, thank you Sweet Johnny Cage and Iloveu Joe for allowing me to help out with East coast Throwdown 2 & 3. It means more to me than you could possibly know.

Thanks #ECT3 for letting us setup casuals for all to enjoy. We had a tremendous time!

Hey couldnt catch the stream. Who won the 3S Tournament?

Had a great time with everyone.

Again sorry about the delay with pools on sat, 6 of my ps3’s would not load AE.

Shoutouts and results thread is up!

ECT3, side from the delays and problems on Saturday, was honestly, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’m actually from Morristown, NJ and had no idea that this was going right in my own backyard. I came from the SF2 era and left once the arcade scene died. I just came back about 2 months ago and I’m blown away by how big it’s gotten. I’m so happy for these tournaments, because I miss the arcade days so much and playing at home, online, sucks in comparison. It may have been “just another major” for other people, but it was my first major and I absolutely loved how it was run by the community. Everyone was so nice and accommodating it was unbelievable. I met a ton of great people. Thanks to Joe and everyone else for this experience. I loved it so much that I want to do whatever I can to help out and make it even better next year. I’ll bring a console, monitor, whatever I can to make sure that it’s as good of an experience for everyone as possible. This is the inspiration that ECT3 gave to me. Nuff said.

Other than the gung ho security lady I had an absolute blast. Shout out to dr chaos putting people on blast in our room Sunday night and shout out to demon hyo puking in my bathroom. Good times. Lol.

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