East Coast Throwdown 3 - Results & Shoutouts

I have the results on my computer, but I just wanted to start this thread off with some shoutouts.

Sorry for the delay on the AE pools. We had 6 or 7 systems that wouldn’t load Arcade Edition for some reason. When we loaded SSFIV, a message would come up saying “ERROR: Failed to load downloadable content”, or something to that extent. As a result of this, we were constantly swapping systems with Marvel to see what worked and what didn’t. I still don’t know why this happened, but I’ve heard from a few other people that they’ve had the same trouble. We even checked in the Game Data folder on the PS3s and they all had a corrupted data file that we’re assuming was the AE DLC. If AE is still the flavor of the season next year, we’ll stick to disc based.

Other than that massive delay and the small power outage that delayed us an hour (shouts to Eric and Henry for taking care of that), I think this was our best year yet. We broke the 500 mark this year, which is really saying something about this event. When we started ECT, we never dreamed of having this many people. 2009 was our first year and we only had 167 people total. 2010 we had 344, and 2011 we had 516. This even really shows no sign of stopping in growth, and we only plan on making it better every year.

Special thanks goes out to anyone and everyone who ran a bracket. Zack, Pirin, Quotes, Frantastic, Bisonopolis, Nick, Andre, Phil, Rob, Shock, fucking everyone who even lifted a chair this weekend. This event is nowhere near possible without any of you, and our eternal gratitude goes to you for helping make this event a success year after year.

Special thanks to Juan and Hubbs for holding it down with Tekken. The past 2 years have been a bit rough on Tekken, but having you guys involved really helped make this year successful all around. I believe you guys have 55 entrants all around, which is near triple from previous years. Thanks again for stepping up and volunteering your time and equipment!

Special thanks to Team Stickbug for running the anime section. You guys are seriously the best around. Glad we were able to get AH3 on the big screen last night and put you guys in the spotlight again. We will definitely be in touch for next year.

MK guys, you know it goes without saying that your dedication and tireless efforts are second to none. It’s unbelievable how far you guys go for MK, and it really shows. Sucks that we weren’t able to stream UMK3 this year, but we definitely will next year.

Big Eric, you’re godlike. You help us out so much every year and ask for barely anything in return. You are the reason the east coast has successful tournaments. I’ve learned so much from you in the past years, it’s ridiculous. ECT would be nothing without you.

Victor Fontanez. Most know you as Spooky, I know you as the fucking man who makes internet magic. Your hard work and dedication to this community is unreal and it seems to pay off every time. Congrats again on landing EVO and thanks for helping us out this year.

John from Local Battles. Thanks so much for bringing your casual setups. This not only helped air out the main ballroom a bit, but it allowed everyone to freshen up before matches. Whatever you want to bring next year, you’re free to do so. Thanks!

Seth. Fucking. Killian. You’re the man. Thanks so much for bringing SFxT to ECT and showing East Coast some love. You truly are a genius and a master of your craft. It was great chilling last night and I hope you make it out here more often!

Mike Z. You’re creating what has to be one of the best fighting games in recent years. It’s always the best when a fighting game player is able to implement the right ideas in a fighting game. I wish you and Skullgirls nothing but the best and I’ll see you at EVO.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who came out. 335 pre-registered and that saved us hours of registration. Having online registration helped us close the registration table around 1:15 as planned and get almost everything set up inside (aside from the AE problems). For those of you who registered at the door, thanks for coming in early and helping us end on time.

I will post results tomorrow once I get the brackets out of my bags. Thanks everyone and we will see you next year!

OMG itz Andre = Thanks for running my Pool Bracket and good matches.

KenInBlack = Good games in 3S nice to meet you.

Eric Kim = Nice seeing you again good games in 3S as usual.

Dr Chaos = You make me Salty lol Great matches bro in Singles and Teams hope we can play again someday.

Tourney Directors and Staff thanks for a great Tournament guys…Looking forward to next year.

I had too much fun. Can’t wait for next year.



i just wanna say shout outs to johnny for letting me stay with him in his room and opening me up to the tournament scene. yes this was my first major, gotta start somewhere. and shout outs to everyone there for just being nice to a newcomer like me. everyone was courteous and just plain old nice. if i had a question no one was a d-bag at all. so thanks everyone, can’t wait for next year!

I can’t thank SweetJohnnyCage and LI Joe enough for providing me a table to mod at again. I was able to do a record breaking 20 dual mods over the weekend. Thank you everyone that I was able to have the time to mod their arcade sticks. I’m going to still keep working hard so that no one has to worry about what systems tournament organizers use for their tournaments.

I had a freaking blast. I did almost nothing today cause I’m still exhausted and brain fried from the weekend. Can’t wait for summer jam!

Thanks to Johnny and LI Joe for a great event and imma fully give shout outs later and
Quotes i deeply DEEPLY apologize for getting your Laptop stolen

shout out to sweetjohnnycage and iloveyoujoe for having this event. shout out to all who helped run the event. shout out to all i played in games. the only person i can remember is ken. i know we played each other in SFxT and i was pretty wasted so im kinda surprised i still remember your name. shout out to seth for bring that game. shout out to my team members kicking ass in the games they played. especially thomahawk and k hunter for takin top spots in mk.

John/Joe! Thanks you guys for hosting this shindig 3 years strong! Every year it gets bigger and better!
Thank you for giving vsav your blessing Joe ^_^! your support and acknowledgement mean alot! ya’ll’re super friendly. hella chill.

I’ll be there next year again to help ya’ll out again with all the big and little things!!!

To the Vsav people, awesome meeting new interested players! GGPO when there isn’t a tourney! And to the old ones (Hardbread, Bmoney, Chibi, Jeron), always fun chillin/playin with ya’ll ^^^_^.

Gummo, thanks for looking at that batshit Chun stick (and confirming I should start over lol). Awesome seeing that you’re doing something you enjoy and making a profession out’ve it ^_^.

Seth, I had talked to you briefly(I was in the middle of my pool, and my friend was deeply engaged in makoto conversation), but thank you for the insight you gave on the feasibility of the darkstalker IP.

O.G. and newschool NJ, good seeing you sluts, and meeting you newer folks! Keep NJ alive! I will try to haul my ass up to the break at least once a month.

I posted this this morning in the regular ECT3 thread. But obviously this is where it belongs so here ya go.

I had a great time this year at ECT3. We had some issues with ps3’s on saturday that I actually didn’t hear about until Sunday but John and Joe handled everything as best as someone could have and because of that they were able to blow it up on Sunday and finish the tournament up super fast.

Last year at ECT2 I was a good 3 days out of surgery to have a cancerous tumor the size of a softball removed from under my arm. I was literally held together with staples. This last year has been rough for me having to deal with a lot of those medical issues but walking into ECT3 healthy and surrounded by great friends really drove home for me just how lucky I am. Last year’s ECT is something ill think of as a great memory that was afflicted with a lot of medical issues. But from this year on ECT stands as a milestone for me to evaluate where I am in my life. Right now I’m surrounded by great friends like John, Joe, Carlos, b money, the strong island crew, Casper one, and all the NY players. And I’m healthy and cancer free. I have to thank everybody that came to ECT3 for making it such a memorable event for me.

I did my absolute best running AE pools A and B so i am really sorry if anyone was unhappy with the way the pools were run. I can only say that next year I’ll work even harder for all of you so you can have as great of an experience at ECT as I have.

Again, thank you Sweet Johnny Cage and Iloveu Joe for allowing me to help out with East coast Throwdown 2 & 3. It means more to me than you could possibly know.

good meeting you too btw mang! I forget your real name(not going to embarrass myself running through names), I was that azn fellow with the pink “free” shirt on saturday. in the B AE pool.

You ran the brackets as feasibly as you could, in any conditions! TY and good shit :slight_smile:

Kudos to your health!

Pasted from my post on testyourmight:

First off, thanks to John and Joe for putting together a beyond successful tournament. I love you guys. I estimated over 600 people in the room at one point. Truly marvelous. Pun intended. They allow the MK community to thrive and be recognized time and again and without that support it’s impossible. With that said I’ll include Big E in here because he does the same and has been for 10 years. He won’t let me not run MK.

To the MK crew, Phil, Nit, Rob, Rob, Simon, REO, Scott - all of you are family to me and thank you for supplying mentally and physically everything necessary to keep things together even when we were in serious trouble on Saturday, and I’ll get into that now heh.

The power outage and the pools being sort of unconfirmed really extended the time frame. In the future I would like to put the brackets together based on people who are actually there if there’s any way to do that. I walked in and never really noticed if people registered at the door like in the past, but I also know that even if people pay and register online, they don’t always show up. Phil and I can handle brackets that with a 128 person tournament the day of, definitely if it’s based on pools built from preregistration but I don’t want to go through calling people who were never in the building so much again if I don’t have to.

The pools suggested about 140 players but the real turnout was definitely more like 100 counting all the DQs of people who never showed up or left because it ran too late, I don’t know if this caused a problem for any other pools, maybe we DQed too late into matches. We went until 3:30AM but I think realistically we could have finished by midnight in a moderately ideal setting, ie - if not for the 90 minute delay and extended downtimes at stations due to players not showing up. For the first 2 hours of pools A and B were spent re-rearranging the brackets as we went because so many players weren’t answering to our calls or the PA calls. I asked everyone to raise their hand who was playing in MK and about 20 people did, but almost none of those people were in a match with other people, and there were about 35 to 38 people per pool. We would have had to DQ nearly half of the first rounds so instead we switched some non-essential matches to get players to actually go against each other, then DQed full matches, shrinking the brackets down. If the players who didn’t show at all didn’t answer within 5 minutes of their losers round matches we DQed them entirely. On top of that, we wound up losing a station at C during the second pools halfway in because the “Arena” PS3 system had to be taken, and my PS3 AV cable was being used for SSF4.

The problem with the stream matches was due to the fact that we didn’t have any stream worthy matches at the time they were asking us to, so we sent anyone who was in a match with a known player, like Arturo, REO, Chris G, etc. I don’t know how the times were slated for streaming but had we started 90 minutes earlier without the power failure, we would have been into the semi finals for winners at that point and it would have worked out well. Just bad timing and bad luck all around. Next big tournament if big E wants us to do MK9 brackets we’ll see about handling it differently. Make no mistake about it though, I had a great time and would do it all over again. I really enjoyed getting to know the MK9 players because I’m sure many of you have noticed, I’m not around much on the boards anymore, not even on my own site.

Rob, thank you so much for handling those brackets so well. Next time we’ll have things running much better, I promise you. I owe you a dinner, perhaps we can split a Crave Case in the near future. Your preparation at Valley Stream definitely helped you this weekend.

Phil, we’re on another level when it comes to this stuff. I don’t need to say any more, you know it all.

Nit, I’ll talk to you at work heh but you did AMAZINGLY well for a guy who thinks he’s too old to play. Your single best weekend. You should always support a $400 bar bill before you play, it seems to work.

AC1984, we didn’t really get to talk until the end of the weekend. We need to play more, we gotta set up arrangements, I’ll talk to Nit.

Dark Rob, you’re always there for the community and represent many pieces of our puzzle, a lot of people probably don’t realize it but I hope they do. You are currently teaching countless people how to play Sub-zero through your dominance. Must feel good to be able to teach me after the last year and a half of teaching you UMK3. We’ll play soon.

STORMS, I just want to let you know that you are a major part of this MK family. All the other guys know what they do and what they are worth, and I just want to make sure that you do. We appreciate every little thing you do and trust me, I see everything. We’ve needed someone with your type of energy, dedication and desire to communicate with people on a different level than I have for a while and it’s working out so well. It’s hard to communicate this at the tournaments themselves, as you can see we’re in the same room all day and we barely see each other. Players here need to realize that we literally work side by side in our effort. I’m so glad you have embraced the scene like you have.

REO, what else is there to say except that you are one of the single most impressive fighting game players I know. People still don’t believe that you jumping into that hardcore MKII tournament at Winter Brawl and placed like 3rd or something ridiculous. I have to say they should believe it now when you dominate in all that is MK.

Organelle, I’m always happy to help people out at tournaments so they know what their options are if they want to start their own. Remember to ask around if there are groups of people in say a 50 mile radius of the area you want to run, because you generally pick up people in small packs. The scene we’ve built spans a very large area now and once you start running small ones, you might want to get involved with ours since you’re in the middle.

Scoot Magee, I met you on Thursday at the Valley Stream casuals and it was simulataneously a pleasure and extremely frustrating playing your Reptile. I wish I had more time to seriously learn this game because it’s definitely fun, but I get lost in the recovery times, mix ups and hit levels since I am not familiar with them. You are definitely a player to watch out for and I see big things coming your way. Good luck man and I hope to see you soon.

BATTLEBEAR, as always nice meeting you and I’m glad your experience was positive and no one rubbed you the wrong way. Make sure to reintroduce yourself to me because I met a ton of people who knew who I was and I didn’t know who they were. I’ll be honest I didn’t recognize Michelangelo when he introduced himself to me then I realized hehe.

Thomahawk, I want to thank you again for helping us out. You allowed us to avoid a potentially ugly situation and I’ve never been thrown out of a building but it might have happened. We’ll leave it at that heh. I’ll see you again soon, and great work overall in the tournament, you impressed me and that’s why I picked you with confidence.

ReyTheGreat, we had a fun set of Smoke vs Smoke. I hope to give you a better challenge if we get to play again in the future. I’m seeing about getting us back the air throw to Smoke bomb in some form or another. Keep your fingers crossed.

SwiftTomHanks, not a problem, I was being pulled in so many directions I probably didn’t even realize it was you who told me you were leaving, especially because of so many new faces. You weren’t the only person I was calling numerous times hehe.

Kona, you gave me a nice beat down in MK9, I will definitely play you again and get you some UMK3 training in. You’re extremely talented.

Crazy Dominican, we really got to talk a bit more at this tournament than at ones in the past. Great set we had in the tournament, and congratulations on your very high placement in MK9. I always enjoy your company and am looking for to seeing you again at Summer Jam.

Spyk, always nice to see you and I hope we get some kind of thing going with the scene you’re working on in North Jersey. Post that up everywhere you can, you’ll get bites. We’ll talk in depth next time I see you.

Michelangelo, it was a pleasure and honor meeting you. You are a true king and have so much respect. Keep your Kabal train moving.

Spencer, I’ve had the chance to get to know you for a while now all I can say is you’re on your way up the ladder in no time. Extremely impressive display.

Chris G, fun times as always, you got me again in UMK3 but next time you’re gonna feel it, I promise hehe. Again great job in MK9 and Marvel.

K Hunter, Darth Arma, Magneto Halfway, didn’t really get to talk to you guys outside of pool stuff and handshakes. I watched your shit and I may not have known who you were before, but I know now.

BlueIX my man, you will get some UMK3 Sub-zero lessons from me in due time. You will realize the power behind this character. It locked so deep in the frozen ice because it’s so potent. Always great to see you.

David Gem, your MKII skills are legendary, we’ll have to pump up another big MKII tournament for the next one. Hope you’re there.

Tom Brady. Who could forget Tom “Hitman” Brady? This guy is like a necessary evil. We’re like the Professor X and Magneto of the MK community. Let me be the first to post this. After EVO, every UMK3 tournament we run on the East Coast will be a “Tom Brady Challenge” and in this instance I mean the fate of the UMK3 scene lies in the hands of whoever plays against him. The banner will be “Defeat the Evil Tom Brady to keep the UMK3 scene alive” because if Tom Brady ever wins a UMK3 tournament, we will stop running UMK3 forever! That’s legit. Mad respect Bill, we’ve done our bit for King and Country, I’ll talk to you soon.

Quick shouts to JeRon, I always run into you at least once during a weekend, Arturo for being a Legend, Spooky, Technician at Super Turbo stream, (I believe that was your handle, we go waaaaay back, memory is foggy), Bisonopolis for waving to me as I left the parking garage on my way home, Voytek for always being a trooper, supporting your friends, drinking a lot, not snoring on the floor in the hotel, and being legitimately 2 meters tall in your stocking feet.

Last but not least, Seth Killian, an honor to meet you. I was blown away that you even knew who I am or that I use to make combo videos. I felt special. You are the ultimate pillar of this community.

I’m sure I missed people, you all know who you are, if you shout me I’ll shout back! Quick shouts to DreemerNJ, Konqrr, Tim Static, Cowboy Hat Matt, NoDoubt, ComeBack Kyle, Krazybone, Julian and others who couldn’t be there and I’m sure wanted to be. I was sad that we didn’t even run UMK3 casuals on Saturday. No time, no room. UMK3 felt like a major after throught but next tournament it’s coming back full force.

Reg and I had a ball as usual John. Sucking ass at Marvel has never been so much fun.

Thanks again!

shoutouts to the organizers for getting everything back up and running after everything that went down on Saturday.
shoutouts to everyone I played and the Rutgers crew that came out to finally compete.
shoutouts to me passing out on the hotel floor while waiting for my matches
shoutouts to SF x TK.

I would make a few suggestions for next year…

Pools/Registration: Make Pre-Registration Mandatory, no more at the door/day of registration. Yes, I understand that its nice to get extra people and that some don’t know if they can make it until the end but it really negatively effects and wastes time at the final event. Doing Online Reg only will allow you to have your brackets and pool signage figured out before hand and allow you to concentrate on setup near exclusively. You would have known earlier about the AE/Ps3 issues and been possibly able to solve it quicker.

Pool Times: Respectfully ask people to only enter the ballroom when they are required to play. If Pools A-D are playing at 2:30, then other other 90+ people that don’t have matches at that time should be off someplace else. This is obviously not really a big deal if the room was able to hold more people, but the first day was severely overcrowded. I know everyone wants to watch and be engrossed in the experience, but at times it was difficult to leave through the door to use the restroom let alone hear your name for a match.

Pool Areas/Casuals: Rope em off if possible to create a little cushion area between the people playing and the people watching. Also having a designated area for casuals would be good on the first day. Yes, there would be less stations at first but you can always open up more as pools finish up and it would also keep the pool areas less cluttered.

The live stream was great. Loved watching Noel Brown get carried in teams.

P.S. – good shit to Ryry and Dieminion. Also to XAQshiner for getting top 16. An extra special thanks to Cage, Fran, Joe, the rest of the TOs, Seth (for SFxT) and Team Mad Catz (for the stick). Things weren’t perfect but they were good enough for me so I’ll be there again next year. Peace.

So this is him…

Could you post team results as well when you get a chance.

I want to thank Johnny and Joe for making this event happen. It was a bit rough but nevertheless it was a great event. I will always support you guys and can’t wait till the next one.

For those who were looking for Ryan “Inthul” he is ok. Found out later on the day, that he missed his flight and lost his phone. The important thing that he is ok, also I want to thank those who were concerned about him and came up to me and Jason asking about him throughout the weekend.

Calvin and crew- Psycho Crusher Productions – thank you for taking the time out to come to this event and meeting up with us. Sorry that we were so thin at ECT3 but I do hope that EVO will be a different story when it comes to our roster.

Chris – Youacon – awesome to finally meet you and I cant wait to get things started for your convention.

Nick -SFanswers - great to see you again and thanks for taking the time sit with me and discuss a few things. We need to hang out soon!

Wolfkrone – congrats again! You are on fire right now! It was great talking to you and GL at EVO with your two only matches lol.

Spooky – thank you for the awesome stream and thanks for taking the time out because I know you’re always busy, to speak with me and Chris.

Big E – as always E, it’s great to see you and thanks for the support! See you ate Summer Jam!

Demon Hyo (Brandon) awesome to meet you and great talking to you about the FGC and what we need to do to be on top.

OMGitsAndre – WE WERE FIRST ON SFXTK! Lmao we need to chill more often and its good to see that someone is representing DRS constantly.

Fran – Keep it up with your Yun and you have to teach me how to use that broken character. BTW you are still FREE!

Jonathon from Local Battle – great to meet you and your crew. Thank you for the casual setups that you provided during the weekend and I look forward to with you on future projects.

Dayasha, Dark Knight, K-Brad, Titan, Mr. Shadow – I am proud of you guys of showing up in numbers and really making a great showing for SFxTK. I hope to see you guys at future events. Keep it up.

Bisonpolis – thanks for looking for me during pools.

Mr.Qoutes – good to meet you dude.

Katamari/Prini – Great to see you guys again! We need to go get something to eat next time.

Ryder – always a pleasure my friend. I would still body you with my Akuma lol

Min, Art – Good to see you at the event. Good talk with you Min. See you guys at Summer Jam.

Elrick (Chunli player) I want my rematch. Salty runback next year so you better be ready!

Dieminion, Yipes – Always good to see you guys. Yipes sorry I didn’t have the chance to talk to you but next time we will. Dieminion congrats on your placement and if you need anything, let me know. Great talking to you dude.

Projectjustice - for being FRAY, not free but FRAY and not showing up. That’s right FEAR ME FOOL!

See you guys at Summer Jam!

had a great time. shoutouts to room 420 and room 1210. and shoutouts for trollin the vamp sav tournament by picking talbain and walking forward and doing beast cannon all day.