East Coast Throwdown 3 - Results & Shoutouts

http://www.justin.tv/teamsp00ky/b/288928403 @ 1:16:45

Chris “I respect your asshole” Hu

for someone who has been around so long, you take the bait way to easy. stay free troll magnet.

shoutout’s to everyone i played. or talked to.

was too much fun, see everyone at summer jam.

LOL! when i saw this the first time i lold so hard

Great stream overall. Just a couple of things holding it back such as:

-Chris Hu… seriously who did this guy have to blow to stay on commentary for so long? It was quite an insult to have this amateur and Seth Killian on at the same time. S-Kill deserves better than that. Hell, even Seth didn’t understand wtf Chris Who was saying most of the time and it’s not like this kid has been doing well in tourneys so far so… I have no fucking clue why he is even around. He doesn’t contribute anything that people can understand unless you just love hearing fobs try(and fail) to talk like gangsters so you can giggle like a school girl.

-Pedo Heart 3… this was a waste of stream space since everyone knows this game’s only purpose is to make the FBI’s job easier in determining current and future predators. Hey I’m all for catching pedophiles but does it really have to take up the timeslot between MK and Marvel/AE? At least just stick it somewhere at the end or really early so us non-pedos don’t have to deal with it.

Otherwise really great stream and thanks to everyone for organizing it.

The funny thing about this statement is that Team Sp00ky used to record crack sessions of Arcana Heart 2 from their own arcade board. ECT is not just a Capcom fighter major. Other games that was considered a main tournament should have deserved their stream time such as Arcana Heart 3, which they did. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and come back for the game you want to watch. Then again, why am I surprised to hear these kind of ignorant comments on SRK?

2011, when people who didnt even go to the event post in shoutouts threads…

Go fuck yourself.

Team Spooky literally built itself on games like ‘Pedo Heart’, and John and Joe were absurdly gracious and generous with helping the ‘anime corner’ of the room with whatever help they needed. The room was full of people watching and cheering for it, and the people who weren’t feeling it simply walked out or did otherwise. It barely lasted half an hour.

Otherwise you can keep running the whole ‘LOLANIMEGAMEISFORPEDOPHILEMASTERS’ joke into the ground like the game was violating your (lack of) masculinity somehow.

Anyways, I’m going to post some real shoutouts. Shoutouts to Essex with that new Haggar technology. Shoutouts to drunken Kryonik for cheering me on in MK9. Shoutouts to Merkilo for repping Massachusetts AE. Top 8! Shoutouts to Mayor McJustin for rooming me Saturday night. Shoutouts to Dr. Chaos and Kaizoku Mike for chillin with us and playing some games after the tourney. Shoutouts to PhoenixIvan trolling with Sheeva before the tourney. Shoutouts to Stryfe and Raion for teaming with me in AE. Shoutouts to Team St1ckbug for running anime very smoothly and effectively. Shoutouts to Shock and 9.95 for all things MK. It was a very stressful tourney, but a fun one at that. Also, shoutouts to all you TO’s at ECT. I bet you guys were stressed this whole fucking weekend due to the overwhelming amount of people that showed up. It’s a thankless job but know if it weren’t for you guys, shit wouldn’t even be finished at all. I hope you guys are taking it easy now that ECT’s over. Lastly, shoutouts to Sp00ky for streaming all weekend. I wish you the best of luck at streaming EVO!

What a stupid statement. First off, S-Kill is also an amateur in that he is not a sponsored player nor is he paid to commentate, as I’d say most commentators are. Top sponsored players usually don’t commentate much as it is. Seth seemed to have no problem understanding what Chris Hu was saying. He also understands the game and is a respected player. Lastly, he’s pretty popular and requested for so you can go mute your computer if you don’t want what the majority of listeners are fine with.

I’m too lazy, so I’ll just borrow a quote from our fearless leader on dustloop.


See you all next time.

^Hahahaha fuckin’ angry perv defending his animu schoolgirl games. Nice avatar; it’s totally something that a non-Japanophile would have.

Full results still coming?

Hey, I like it for the gameplay~


Thank you everyone for the support this weekend.It really helped me out.Playing with a heavy heart is hard but the support i got helped me get through it.shout outs to joe and john for running a great tournament as well and shout outs to ryry and josh for beating.time to hit the lab for evo! :slight_smile:

this was the first major tourney i’ve ever been to. so i just wanna shout out to every single person who was there. i had a fuggin blast. i will most certainly be attending a lot more. and thanks to ian (didn’t catch your gamer tag) in pool A for AE for the positive feedback and being a real ass dude.

you ok yo?

If you disrespect Chris Hu, you can go fuck yourself. If you said that IRL to anyone in the community on the east coast, they will either tell you off, or beat the shit out of you.

I guess its my turn.

First I need to thank one of my best friends, may as well be my brother, John. Nothing is possible without you in this. I could not run this by myself obviously. We do make a great team my friend. Lets keep this going for many years to come. Much love my friend.

SF4answers Nick. Dude, I told you on the phone, in person, now through forum. Without your help there would of been no ect3. Thats for damn sure. We owe a lot to you. I dont think ill be able to express enough thanks to you ever.

Big F*in E! You are probably the main reason for us going through with ect. You have inspired us time and time again. Your help through the tournament was priceless. I am glad to know you and able to share these experiences with you. See you at summer jam.

The LI crew. lex carlos bob brad pat josue kale marv kevin ryan nick. It was nice to see you guys there helping and competing. Thanks to some of you guys who helped us run brackets and take registration. I like seeing my home town make some noise in the scene.

Seth/Mike Z. You guys certainly shined some light on this years event. Seeing these unreleased games being played at an event I helped run was really something else. Thats all I kept thinking. When is the next time this side of the country will get their hands on 2 highly anticipated games like this? Who knows but they were at ect3! It was great meeting you mike. Like I said I have watched you play games for a while now. Good to put a face to the name. I will def catch you at evo. As for you Mr Killian. I really do look up to you. Not just as a main figure of the community but as a man in general. I know you will do your best at capcom. I have all the confidence in you. Thanks for coming, chilling with us and showing off sfxt. Hope you have something new to demo next year!

The MKcrew. Shock/Phill/Nit/Storms, you guys did an amazing job. You helped all around at the event. Running shit, buying stuff, setting up, moving things, running different games. You did it all and I cant thank you enough. Sorry I dropped out of UMK3. Way too much stuff going on at this event. Hope you are all at ect3.

Stickbug and crew. You dont ever have to thank me and John for anything. You guys were great to have around. You helped us more then we helped you for sure. 3 games we didnt have to worry about because of your help. As far as the stream goes. You goes know me. I played everything competitively at one point or another. I have respect for the community, not just the games that get the high numbers. You guys are great.

Victor Von Spook AKA team sp00key. Thanks to you gus, ten thousand others were able to be a part of ect3. As always, amazing job guys. Thank you so much for all the help.

Every single other person in the ball room. This tournament would’ve been nothing without you guys. The full room really put a smile on my face. I know things were rough at the start but it was nothing we could of anticipated happening. Cant thank you all enough for the patients. Big ups to everyone who has been there with us since ect1 and to the newcomers at ect3.

Ect 4 on its way.

I posted this in the other ECT3 thread, but like Bisonopolis else said, this is where it belongs. So…

ECT3, side from the delays and problems on Saturday, was honestly, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’m actually from Morristown, NJ and had no idea that this was going right in my own backyard. I came from the SF2 era and left once the arcade scene died. I just came back about 2 months ago and I’m blown away by how big it’s gotten. I’m so happy for these tournaments, because I miss the arcade days so much and playing at home and online just sucks in comparison. It may have been “just another major” for other people, but it was my first major and I absolutely loved how everything was run by “the people”. Everyone was so nice and accommodating, it was unbelievable. I met a ton of great people. Shout outs to Joe and Phil - two guys who were hard at work, yet managed to still be very welcoming and respectful amid the stressful environment. I didn’t get a chance to meet SweetJohnnyCage, but if you’re reading this, I’m down to help out next year for sure. I didn’t do much this time, other than pick up garbage, stack chairs, and help call out names for brackets, but I work in IT, so I could help out with hardware/software and anything else that could improve the event next year. I was thinking that having projectors displaying brackets and pools or something similar would help cure the lost and confused and add a bit more organization to the mix…just an idea. I can also bring a console and screen next year. Anyway, the point: I’m here to help and thank you for the great event!

shout out to dsinnie for laying it out on the table and saying 2D MK is meant to be played on an arcade cabinet and that’s it! Respect the honesty.