East Coast Throwdown 4 Results


Reserved. Typing this out on my iPhone. You guys are the BEST!!! Shouts Monday or Tuesday!!!

Just a note that I’d like to share with you guys before I pass out in this hotel room bed. I had to leave the Marvel finals because I was legit crying due to sheer amazement of how far this tournament has come. Thank you all for supporting us this year and every year past and future. You guys are my life and Joe and I will continue to dedicate ourselves to you and the rest of this community until we die.


Man I had a great time with everyone this weekend great tournament John and joe.

Shit was mad hype.


you guys did a great job and im amazed how this community has grown so strong. im really happy for you guys and Big E. as always, being the big brother to help out. you guys are very much appreciated and i hope to become a fraction of philanthropist for this FGC as you guys. this gave me the hype i needed to get back in the scene and try to find a venue for our home town!

really happy for you and Joe

thx again guys!


Thank you and Joe for the best tournament i have ever attended in the tri-state area hands down!!! Me and my girl had so much fun that we will definitely attend all ECTs going forward.


such a fun time cant wait for next year


51gb of video!


Fun time at tourney. Never bee non the east coast so it was real cool. Shout outs to the people i got a chance to sit and play and talk to. I cant remember your name right now, something with the penguin, but you told me about an rpg and i cant find the game. Good matches though, i was glad i finally got to play 3s edition and some guilty. Thanx for teaching me some sf4 stuff. Ill mess with dudley when there is time,fun links. Thanks again for hosting the event, cool seeing the guys from the streams. Hope when theres time i can come out more. Those bead made pixel characatures were dope.


gahlike - our videos are up and photos up later this week.


ECT4 Vampire Savior Results(18 Entrants):

  1. Lordknight
  2. More4yourbuck
  3. Gb
  4. Harlem
  5. Shag/magnetomaniac
  6. Kendrick/braver
  7. Killer bob/helgenx/bahn/hardbread
  8. Eriki/Airmaster

Thanks always Joe/John/Eric & crew! This year was great! I think for the past three years your tournament has gotten bigger than you guys could keep up, but this year you guys really accounted for everything, and while the tournament ran a bit late, everything ended near well on time.

As always, always good seeing old heads and new.

Looking forward to next year.


Yall don’t know how much ECT4 has been a life changing experience for me. Watching Joe go ham, egg, cheese, full fuckin mcmuffin over the hype was inspiring. Seeing so many people packed into this ballroom and coming together for the love of fighting games was a thing of beauty. Watching the popoffs, the emotion, and people go nuts was amazing. This tournament reminded me of why I fell in love with fighting games and brought back that hunger for me to compete.

I made the mistake of not planning for this tournament earlier, but never again. Congrats on an history making event. Definitely looking forward to next year.

Some Photos.


Some videos.


This was my first major, and I don’t think it could have been any better than this major unless it was Evo. Tournament of the year here, Thank you to SJC, LIJoe, and all the pink shirts. Shit was awesome.


Thanks so much to Joe and SweetJohnnyCage for running such an amazing tournament. This was my first ECT and I had a blast. I’ll definitely be coming out to ECT5 whenever that is.


Yo Citi - my phone died last night – but I wanted to let you know it’s ON tomorrow (re: interview) Thank Lee again for me too. You guys got tons of charisma! Definitely need to do something like that again for a future event.

First and foremost… shoutouts to JohnnyCage and LI Joe for such an awesome weekend. ECT4 was a great way to welcome me back into the world of the whole tournament experience. Hype, “drama” and more hype; you just couldn’t get enough of it last week. Skill from all levels in every game – pop-offs, money matches, need I say more? I am definitely in there for ECT5.

Much respect to the West Coast players and to our boys (and girls) for keeping everyone entertained.
Tons of shoutouts to seeing peeps from B’way Arcade/CF era (Norm, Shag, DragonGon, Citiofbrass, Lee, Yipes, Q, Zoo, Damdai, Jav1ts, Sanford, Remedy, Jeron, Ben Fong, Dieminion, Chris G and the list goes on!)
Can’t forget about the guys from UP (Big E, Bry, Julian, Josh Wong, Dr. Chaos, Brandon)… literally felt like a family reunion.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again in a few weeks (or EVO for those of you skipping out on Bar Battles 2).

I’ll leave you with a few interviews that were recently published by me. I still have a good chunk more to go including DMG Lud, Mike Ross, Damdai, Di3mini0n, EMP Santhrax and EMP Hiro, LI Joe/Johnny Cage, some words from the sponsors and players from the new generation.

p.s. can’t forget Skisonic who helped to wrap up things nicely after the event concluded. Thanks bro!!!

Thank you all again for making ECT4 awesome. Made this OG very happy!



(And in case any of you missed it, the interview with Big E)



From one of the many viewers on the stream, it was a great setup side by side with MLG, definitely a good weekend for Fighting Game e-Sports! I hope to get to the next ECT5!


We’re just waiting for the E3 dates to be announced and then we’ll get ECT5 underway.


Definitely in there for next year!!


Here’s another video featuring NYC’s Team Pie w/Citiofbrass and Lee Chung. BT Di3minion should be live later tonight.