EAST COAST THROWDOWN - Full Results Thread

I don’t want other tournament results to get lost, so I’m posting SF4 last. I do NOT have the 5on5 results, Vizard does, I’ll try to get them from him ASAP.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - 27 Entrants

1 Therapist
3 Devil Jin 01
4 flare
5 gootecks
5 hold dat
7 frenzii
7 B-Money
9 Wall
9 Vizard
9 Tinshi
9 joeiloveu
13 lavaheart
13 Henry
13 Outlaw X
13 Frantastic
17 nate Dejoseph
17 chronus
17 Remedy
17 boris
17 Mr. Quotes
17 Joe Cosentiano
17 Ian
25 flashmeteroid
25 Makatostawberries
25 Tony B

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 27 Entrants

1 MagnetoX
2 Santhrax
3 Arroyo
4 Pacquaio
5 Mike Ross
5 flashmeteroid
7 Rafael Garces
7 Julian
9 dragongod
9 bsp
9 Wiganator
9 Adam Burghardt
13 Firebird
13 illest
13 exsist
13 Tony B
17 Demonhyo (Forfeited)
17 MacD
17 Carlos P
17 frenzii
17 B. Money
17 Hanif Brown
17 Snake (Forfeited)
17 j360 (Forfeited)
25 King mickey
25 Cosmo
25 Joe Curren

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - 11 Entrants

1 Spero Gin
2 Incognito
3 santhrax
4 Damus
5 phummykidd
5 Blackula
7 Stridajin
7 xerostar
9 chaos10851 (Forfeited)
9 Perfect Legend (Forfeited)
9 Chung (Forfeited)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - 24 Entrants

1 Arturo Sanchez
2 Damien Dailidenas
3 Fernando Colon
4 Jeron Grayson
5 Pete Beskal
5 Todd dwyer
7 John Cosentiano
7 Joshua Sunarso
9 Carl White
9 Phil Burnell (Forfeited)
9 Terrance Adams
9 John Rambo
13 Phil Siegel
13 Aurtero Sanchez
13 Sean Fyvie
13 Noel Brown
17 andy wan
17 al lombardi
17 Earon Matthew
17 Ronald Raspar
17 Derrek Vee
17 Mark Goepel
17 Henry Cen
25 Chris Kacperowski

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - 26 Entrants

1 Peter Susini
2 Tyrone Casey
3 Jose Lopez
4 Martin Phan
5 Kyo Lehy
5 Eddie Fulcher
7 Dave Marrero
7 Ahmaad Samuel
9 Chaz Frazer
9 Tony Barnhill
9 Camilo Chinchilla
9 Alan Bakes
13 Kevin Orcutt
13 Mike Nunez
13 Quincy Robinson
13 Earon Matthew
17 Raymond Lee
17 Andrew edhelstone
17 Steven Schank
17 Joshua Sunarso
17 Edward Stack
17 Lincoln Morris
17 Ken Squires
17 Paul Accisano
25 dommienj

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - 14

1 & 2 - Shock and Julian - They were kicking us out of the room when this match was supposed to happen. Will be decided at The Break?
3 summoning
4 phil
5 Jerron
5 iloveu
7 darren
7 al d
9 Outlaw X
9 Blackula
9 john c
9 Life
13 Styroteque
13 Kaldragon

Street Fighter IV Singles - 139 Entrants

1 marn
2 iloveu
3 Fascinating
4 gootecks
5 moose
5 Sabin
7 Doctor Chaos
7 Mike Ross
9 Nestor
9 Santhrax
9 Eric Kim
9 Wall
13 Ernest
13 DS
13 Floe
13 Rome
17 Smooth Viper
17 KDZ
17 Auto-Demon
17 Tinshi
17 Henry
17 zohta
17 inifinte
17 hold dat
25 strikeshell
25 Demonhyo
25 Renagade
25 al
25 flashmeteroid
25 God
25 Weak Sauce
25 Tony B
33 Javits
33 Chung
33 magnetomaniac
33 perfect sin
33 Tubsy3
33 Julian
33 lude
33 min
33 MVA
33 Liston
33 Devil Jin 01
33 One
33 exsist
33 Jeron
33 KenSK
33 Aleri
49 blazeu25
49 Wing Man
49 stadic
49 Lex
49 cheet0
49 Kyori
49 Frantastic
49 Fatty Tabs
49 Noel
49 238 MS
49 Ace of Spades
49 Damdai
49 Odl
49 stridagin
49 klixe
65 GT (Forfeited)
65 wutang finacial (Forfeited)
65 bbqsauce
65 Master Crash
65 thewebanator
65 Ohjay
65 drax (Forfeited)
65 faight
65 Victor (Forfeited)
65 Schank
65 Lincoln @ GamerNook (Forfeited)
65 Rygod
65 Algorithm
65 Chemist For Hire
65 Ken
65 D.Hallow
65 jago
65 Skisonic
65 Gorgeous
65 King mickey
65 Basedrive
65 Kreymore
65 kirby
65 Bob Sagat
65 Evil Rahsaan
65 Jollies (Forfeited)
65 Remedy
65 Joe Dulo
65 D Rez
65 Wiganator
65 jazz
65 scooby
97 yourmaster
97 PTO (Forfeited)
97 Gonzales
97 Babyless
97 Rell
97 Ian
97 Doomiej
97 Hacker Mike
97 frenzii
97 Vizard
97 Dave Dulo
97 Shadowyamato (Forfeited)
97 Mr. Quotes
97 Cosmo
97 Aries
97 Seamus
97 Criaden (Forfeited)
97 Mey
97 John Cosentiano
97 kaldragon
97 Atm0
97 stephen
97 Virgo
97 True Warrior (Forfeited)
97 silven
97 Carmine
97 Blackula
97 xerostar
97 Christan
97 lavaheart
97 sirius
97 dragongod
129 Perfect Legend
129 LinkGT (Forfeited)
129 B-Money
129 guest (Forfeited)
129 The Drizzle
129 Magnitox
129 dXp (Forfeited)
129 four piece (Forfeited)
129 Jet Set Dizzy
129 dark (Forfeited)
129 shinto

Most forfeits were DQs. 5 minute rule guys lol. It sucks though because a lot of people didn’t come back for Sunday. Chung lost in one of the last rounds of winners and didn’t come back for Sunday. Oh well. Ok, here goes my page long post!

First things first. Thank you to EVERYONE who came out for this. Me and Joe were worried that we weren’t going to get a lot of people to come out to this. Even at like 2pm Saturday, we maybe had 30 people show up total. 40 minutes later, BAM, 120 more haha. This tournament would not have been possible in any way, shape, or form, without you guys coming.

Second, my apologies to Renegade. Telling you to shut up was COMPLETELY uncalled for and out of character for me. I know I apologized to you publicly then spoke to you while we were wrapping up last night, but I really am sorry for that. That wasn’t cool at all. I really owe it to you for the live stream and recording matches. Good shit on that, it was definitely a nice touch. BlogTV is nice huh? Extended apologies to 238MS, I really don’t know what happened with that match. I can promise you it will NEVER happen again, and that goes to anyone.

Third, thank you Joe for helping me with everything. I know you played a lot and it was hard for you to help run things, but everything you did this weekend was more than I needed. I’m not sure someone got this on tape, but when you won that qualifier, I cried. Having gone from yelling at you to go to a 3rd Strike tournament that you didn’t think you’d do well in, to becoming the best SF4 Sagat and one of the best overall players on the East Coast exceeds my expectations of you. I love you Joe.

Nit, summoning, my fucking man. Thanks for letting us use the projector all weekend and letting us take it for other majors. We weren’t expecting to have one, but that seriously made the tournament all the more hype.

Ian Cofino, you are serious shit. Basically having that camera on at all times getting the shots all weekend long was too much. You’re going places. For anyone who doesn’t know, please check out I Got Next, a documentary on the competitive fighting game scene, starring most of us haha. www.IGotNextMovie.com

Big E, thanks so much for helping me hold things down. A thousand thanks to you. If you ever need help at NEC or whatever you run, call me up.

Phi, thanks for showing up dude. Your presence is an honor. Could this be the new ECC?

Josh/Quotes, thank you so much for running 3rd Strike and keeping track of the brackets in Tekken and Marvel. I know there was someone else helping with Marvel brackets, I don’t know who you are, but thank you!

Biscuits, thanks for running Guilty, don’t know if I could’ve done that and SF4.

Ryan “gootechniques” and Mike Ross. I can’t express my gratitude to you guys for coming out. Repping the west coast at an east coast tournament is serious shit. You guys are some of the nicest guys around. Just having you guys coming generated more hype than anything before. I hope you guys can make it to ECT2!

I want to thank EVERYONE who provided equipment, you guys really helped out with that. I know PS3s and TVs are a lot to ask, but you guys really came through with it.

The UMK guys, you are ALWAYS welcome at our events. Just know that haha.

Sorry about the almost-fire in the finals. I guess that sound system isn’t meant to be on for 13 hours at full blast. I hope it still works. It fell off a truck last year so I was a little fishy if it would actually work at that volume. I’ve used it before, but never with all 5 speakers and at max volume. DSP, would you mind sending me the gootecks vs arturo match that was on the regular TV so I can merge it with the direct capture? I’ll add an annotation link to your channel and give you the credit for the video, of course.


Like I said in the beginning of this post, I was worried that the turnout wasn’t going to be much. You guys really pulled through and made this shit happen like it should’ve. I know it was rough, but we pulled through in the end. We are already in the works of ECT2: The Runback, which will be held in November. We’re shooting for the first weekend, and already shopping around for a venue, as well as working on more showcase and exhibition matches. GET HYPE!!!

The SFIV Top 8 video will be edited today, I’m just waiting for the transfer to finish from the laptop to my main machine so I can start. The audio is actually pretty good. I just took a microphone, turn the inbound all the way up, and put it on the table. Both game audio and crowd audio can be heard. It will be uploaded to www.youtube.com/SJCageProductions

This had to be my favorite tournament in a while. Coming in just to catch the final parts, winning money on easy bets, not having to be with smelly fucks two days straight… This is how I’m gonna do it from now on.

I think I played one match lol

Thanks John, we appreciate it. I will try and get more players out next time. The brackets got screwed up somehow for UMK3 but as far as the matches were played, these are the results I got:

  1. Julian Robinson (Winners finalist)
  2. Shock (Losers finalist)
  3. Summoning
  4. 9.95
  5. Joe iloveu
  6. Jeron
  7. Al D
  8. Darren
  9. KalDragon
  10. John C
  11. Blackula
  12. Styroteqe
  13. Outlaw X
  14. Life

And Nit told Julian that we can play at the Break sometime if there’s anything coming up this summer. If not we might have to wait til the next ECT. I wish I could have come back Sunday but I couldn’t get out of work.

And yes the real winner of the night is my boy Nit (Summoning) who brought the 100" projector. It truly gave it the Major feeling. He also placed higher in UMK3 than he has in a long time. N$

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 27 Entrants

1 MagnetoX
2 Santhrax
3 Arroyo
4 Pacquaio
5 Mike Ross
5 flashmeteroid
7 Rafael Garces
7 Julian
9 dragongod
9 bsp
9 Wiganator
9 Adam Burghardt
13 Firebird
13 illest
13 exsist
13 Tony B
17 Demonhyo (Forfeited)
17 MacD
17 Carlos P
17 frenzii
17 B. Money
17 Hanif Brown
17 Snake (Forfeited)
17 j360 (Forfeited)
25 King mickey
25 Cosmo
25 Joe Curren

OMG…Magneto fuckkkin X… I’ll never thought I see the day when you actually beat Sanford Kelly in a Tourny… especially the Grand finals… GG man… I almost want to pick up Marvel again b/c of this…lol

Good shit to everyone I played.

Good tournament, I had mad fun… Wish there coulda been a few more set ups for casuals, though. Hopefully I can make out for part 2.

Didn’t even get to play my match in losers :confused: but W.e I was tired Sunday and wanted to get the tourny over with…

Tourny was hyped as hell, now I dont have a voice due to the top 8…
Thanks to everyone and shit, was fun hanging out and see you all next tourny…

That was me.

Quotes, thanks so much for taking over the marvel brackets. NJ Marvel loves you.

And thanks for the Goldfish Crackers!


Grats Gooey/Ross for fighting your way through losers. If you guys didn’t have to face each other I’m sure you would have both been top 5. Wish I had been there. :frowning:

Also, I own Ross in Marvel. <3

can you please write the characters for Top8 in each game? if someone can remember them…

Saturday : So gdlk. Chilled with so many cool peeps and played really good, just losing one close game to LI Joe in 5 on 5 quals. Everything was ran pretty smooth.

Sunday : Not gdlk at all. Marvel running faster than any SF4 tournament, shit was taking forever and I just assed out with 3 days of no sleep and shit not being ran right, would have forfeited if my match wasn’t called right before we left. But was that projector the same the same on Sunday? Shit felt like it had so much more delay, I missed 2 EX SBK late anti airs to get all the hits, and Dr. Chaos is a humble guy so he won’t say shit but I KNOW he doesn’t miss uppercuts when they arise at all. Lastly, it was like the dude at the table, dunno which one was having a terrible ass day for shoo’ing the players while he was on the phone pretty rudely.


Dr Chaos - My manzzzz we finally got to play, and you destroyed me lol. I really think there is no Ken that has the hornet’s nest mix up like you do.

Javits - Very nice shit. I have reevaluate the Chun Rog match the way you play it, you got so many tricks aside from the standard Rog. Don’t tell anyone the tricks for me, though :smile: .

OJ - My fault about thinking you were the Chun player, hahahaha. Nice chillin with you and your Fuerte is truly nasty.

Rahsaan - Dunno if I spelled it right but it was good shit talking some Viper with you and seeing why you don’t like trading. I still think it’s alright to knuckle trade lots :bgrin: . Practice that one method on the fierce fierce and you’ll have the combo down 98%, I can’t believe you were pulling it off the hard way without the shortcut.

Rome - We didn’t get to hang out as often but it was good seeing you man. I wasn’t understanding why you weren’t uppercutting things until I played on the projector and realized that it had some delay.

DevilJin - Thank you for driving to and back the whole night with those sleep conditions and such. You sir, are gdlk. Also, playing Viper with those sleep conditions and still being gdlk is…just gdlk.

Waldorf crew - Good shit to all of you especially the newcomers…very good gameplay from all of you and we will chill more often.

LI Joe - Great match in qualifiers, it came down to you doing the right thing in the hot situations. That Sagat curse from top players is really haunting me, always down to the wire and I come up short.

gootecks - I appreciate you attending, always good to see you.

Mike Ross - Come to the Chun side. Hit me up if you do make it official, I still gotta tell you the selling point trickies lewl.

ECT moments # 47-131 : Just my mind being in another dimension after chillin with the home team…yall gotta ask EXIST/umthrfkr the extreme funny shit though.

I’ll just update if I missed any.


1 marn=sagat/rufus
2 iloveu=sagat
3 Fascinating=ryu
4 gootecks=boxer
5 moose=boxer
5 Sabin=seth
7 Doctor Chaos=ken
7 Mike Ross=honda
9 Nestor=sagat
9 Santhrax=ken
9 Eric Kim=sagat
9 Wall =akuma

Damn i wish i could have entered marvel good shit Creecy!

ECT was super fun.

there are too many props to give out. ill try to post them later.

i didn’t mind runnin the brackets for other tournaments SF4 was what needed to be concentrated on. make sure the next ECT comes AT LEAST a month after Tekken BR. we’ll reserve the motherfuckin Izod next time.

in the next ect i till be running a alpha 2 tourny. and if noone doesnt do it ima run blazblue also if thats ok with johnny

Good shit everyone. I saw lots of the mythical “hype” during finals despite the table almost catching fire (which I attribute to the gameplay and not an electrical failure).

I think next time we should all do the Rockband 2 test on the TVs and put a sticker on there showing how much lag there is. If you want to bitch about TVs lagging then bring your own.

who the fuck are you

maybe it doesnt matter to you bc its not like youre going to win anyway. i mean why else wouldnt you care about lag

it was cool meeting everyone from nj, ny, md, va, pa again. good stuff to mike ross and gootecks for coming to the east coast and repping cali. team hate/trap/ct/ma you already know how dope you all are

finals were awesome and the hype was ridiculous. gotta say the players made the tourney worthwhile even tho it was run like shit. good effort but this was either way over the organizers heads or planned poorly. maybe both?

some gripes - 2 ppl running multiple tournaments with 60-130 ppl participating, lag tvs, qualifiers not being completed, excuses

actually asked sjc about this in #capcom and all he did was cop out. to paraphrase “lag tvs were all ppl brought” and “it was justins tourney”

how about this? why not work on the logistics next time and make sure you have the resources to actually run something like this? stop blaming other people

to all those who will eventually say why dont you run your own shit. well this event is the reason why i wouldnt run anything. good intentions bad execution

last thing thats some two faced shit youre trying to pull on darksydephil. you basically eliminate (dq) him from st and sf4 knowing where he was over some real talk and now youre asking him for his videos without an apology? good shit

OOook here we go

First off, thank you SOOOOOOOO much John and Joe for setting this up, you guys have NOOO idea how much it meant to me and my friends to be there to witness all the hype!!
It was just sooo amazing to witness the 5v5 quals on saturday turn into the battle of the best sagat players on the East FUCKIN Coast!!!
Congrats to Joe on showing why he’s the best sagat on the EC and why he shouldve never been taken off the team in the first place :tup:

As for the rest of the tournament it was soooo great to finally meet and see Gootecks and Mike Ross (these guys are the most chilled out ppl you can find in a tournament)

Now for Shoutouts:

Darren/ Lavaheart- 7 months no practice and you still went Yuki on ppl including gootecks on that Raging Demon when he pulled a tackle lol you’re one of the coolest ppl around when it comes to chillin at a tournament…cant wait to see what you got with 7 months WITH practice :tup:

Matt “FUCKIN” Daniels/ Hold Dat- lol youre just flat out a cool ass guy who is good enough to still get some matches in with a scrubby pad, but props to you for being such a skilled player and still being one of the coolest ppl at the tournament as well

iloveu/Joe- man idk how you do it but after what i saw this weekend from you, its just gonna be crazy to see you at the next big tournament…you got me soo hyped up that i just cant wait to get back from japan to get serious in 4…ill be looking forward to playing you myself sometime down the road Congrats again man

the whole NY,NJ and others crew/ Frantastic, Quotes, Therapist, Flare, etc

you guys are still keepin 3s alive at tournaments like these…still bringin the hype no matter what, and for the most part you guys are still solid and hella cool ppl to chill out with when someone got that 3s fever lol congrat to Therapist for taking 1st place away from me, he deserves the win…Fran you just need some focus and youll be fine when it comes to these tournament matches…Flare youre just soo good, it sucks you got the same treatment i did against kevin…Quotes gotta thank you for being layed back and running this tournament with not many problems…Tinshi one of the funniest and yet chilled out ppl for the 3s area lol those goldfish held you down for a while i wish i couldve played you during the tournament…you guys are the lighters for the 3s scene on the EC youll never be put out :tup:

Gootecks- just from watching your videos i knew that you wouldve been one of the coolest players to meet at a tournament…although you were pulling some Houdini shit coming and going from the tournament lol you still played well…as for my match with you in 3s…im still a lil disappointed that you were…how should i say…not at your best lol but it was ok just from the way you were playing in sf4…it was rly great to meet you man and i hope you do well in your sf4 goal and hope to keep in touch so i can actually play you in sf4 myself and begin to ask questions…congrats on the placement man

Mike Ross- it was cool to just exchange words with “the greater force” lol you and gootecks were just the brick wall for the EC but none the less one of the coolest brick walls at a tournament…congrats on your placement too that honda is GDLK (Scoops???)

John/ Sweet Johnny Cage- man as i said earlier you have no idea how much this meant to me and my friends…you nearly did blow a circuit but you still kept it together and it takes a lot to handle a tournament of this magnitude and you showed that you have what it takes to have fun with it and yet keep it organized the best way you can…you are also one of the cool ppl in my book and i cant wait for the next tournament that you run cuz ill most likely be there whether it be castle golf or another East Coast Throwdown…IM IN THERE!!!

and shoutouts to every other player i got the chance to meet and talk to while i was there… the ppl in both sf4 and 3s were hella cool ppl…they kept matches hyped and fun to watch with some funny shit being said (I-95 IF IT AINT IN YO STATE YOU AINT WINNIN!!!) haha good times ill remember every single moment of this tournament for a RLY long time…congrats to the top placers and im glad to have met new faces and see some familiar ones in the process

i can go on about this the whole day if i wanted to but this is just showing that this tournament had much potential and im confident that there will be more and much more players will come out and compete making this tournament even better then the ones before it…Joe and John you guys do too much for us but you deserve to be happy with stuff like this…its just one of those experiences that brings this community much closer
i cant wait to see I Got Next…its gonna show this tournament to be hyped!!!..thanks again to everyone and hope to see you next time!!! :lovin: :tup:

Time for some shoutouts -

Joe/Iloveyou - I said once and I’ll said again, you are the best Sagat player in the east coast and most beloved guy in the NYC because we love you Joe :lovin: See you at Evo so we can party it up after the tournies :smile: Oh yea Joe we need to rename you Ihateyou Joe when you face the japanese, gotta let them hate on you :rofl:

DevilJin - Fellow Ibuki player and new homie, cool and solid guy. I gotta get that dust of my shoulders and start training with Ibuki again so when we meet again, we can have a real match.

MagnetoManic - Fellow Chun Player and Fellowship brother, it was good to meet you in person as well, we gotta get those sexy Chun Mirror matches whenever you get the chance. Hopefully we blaze and chill the next time we meet. :cool:

Mike Ross - CEO of Honda Inc, it was an honor to meet you and chill with you. Keep in touch homie, and I want my match with fatboy too :arazz:

Gootecks - Good shit on running that shit back and coming 4th homie. Next time we meet, I want a match with your boxer since I never got the chance to have a casual game with you :sad:

SweetJohnny - Thank you for organizing the tournament the best you can. I hope the turnout for the next ECT is twice as many as it was this past weekend.

D. Hyo - good shit with Chun and as usual always a good time talking and kicking with you. Hope to see you at Evo homie.

Julien Robinson - :lovin: nuff said. Hope to see you at the next ECT or Evo if you are going.

Javitis - Good shit with our Chun/Boxer match homie, hope to play you on PSN whenever I’m not too tired from work :sad:

Gonzales - It was nice to meet you, need to chill more the next time we meet and get those sexy mirror matches in the near future on PSN or Live.

Magneto-X - Congrats on winning Marvel bro :smile:, you came a long way and it paid off.

NYC/NY Area - good shit with Street Fighter 4, lets keep the crack sessions going and keep on evolving in SF4.

ECT was fun as hell and hyped as well. Hope to see some of you guys at Evo and at the next ECT. Keep it cracking in SF4 East Coast :tup:

Hey man my fault we didn’t get to discuss strategies much and all. Maybe it was a good idea, since when I was sparked I was using Bison and saying he was the best character and all when he doesn’t get hit lol.

Man if we smoked, we’re gonna be more zoned out than Sagat throwing tiger shots at fat characters. More zoned out than knee locks that nigga pulls out. We gonna have to STOP DROP AND ROLL cuz we’ll be so fired up.

I could go on and on saying stupid shit for years but I’ll save that for when we chill, trust me…take it from Waldorf crew or anyone I chilled with…I ** WILL ** have mofos rolling :bgrin: .

Me? I’m just a scrub from West Virginia who builds and mods sticks. I brought two TVs and a PS3 just to use in our room and I ended up bringing them down to the tournament because they needed them. I didn’t bring them with the intention of using them in the tournament as I expected there to be setups and any LCD is going to have some lag, which leads to people complaining about them. Since, however, there weren’t that many TVs or systems, I brought mine down to use.

Not only do I live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, but I’ve driven 3-6 hours to tournaments and not even played because I’ll be modding peoples sticks so they work on PS3 and 360, meanwhile my TV, system, and any sticks I brought are being used by people who actually get to play.

Did I say I didn’t care about lag? No, very obviously anyone who plays does, whether they’re good or not. I didn’t see you in the final 8 so obviously you don’t care about lag either because it’s not like you’re going to win anyways.

Out of curiosity did you bring a TV? Did you bring a system? If not then sit down, shut the fuck up, and stop complaining. Tournaments are community events and if the community doesn’t help out it doesn’t matter whether it’s a poorly planned event or not. My main problem is with people who show up with nothing and then start bitching. That shit doesn’t help at all, and only makes people not want to run tournaments.

But you’re right, I’m a nobody. Cool shit bro.

Eric Kim: I should have your PS2 stuff fixed tomorrow or the day after.

Philly One: I’ve started designing a custom stick that will about the size/shape of a TE just in case we can’t find one for cheap for you. Building that may be fun. Whoever swiped your stick is a douche.

The Drizzle: Send me your Tekken stick if you want it modded.

Moose: I’ve got 8-10 refurbished sticks I’m starting to work on, so hopefully by the next C3 I’ll have a dual system stick you can use and you won’t have to borrow mine any more.

All the kids who stayed in my room: None of you paid me. People like Eric Kim, Moose, Renegade, and anyone else I’m tight with we can work that shit out, but I don’t really know any of the random guys who showed up and crashed on the floor with their air mattresses.

Thanks for running the tournament, it was fun.

For anyone else interested: I’ll be selling dual modded refurbs at the next C3, probably starting at between $150 and $200. I’m not taking requests, they’ll have random SFIV art and brand new sanwa parts.