East Coast Throwdown live results

Ok I couldn’t stay long enough to compete in the tourneys so here we can update what is happening

The fourth member for the 5v5 team for EC is iloveujoe

Joe beats Nestor and Eric Kim to prove that he is EC SAGAT!!!

Random stuff
Flash beats Marlinpie in GGXX
Marn beats Mynus in GGXX
Damdai beats DSP in HDR i believe…

Mike Ross loses to Moose from VA in 2nd round
Floe loses to eric kim from VA in 2nd round
Art barely beats Andre with Seth
Marn beats Rahsaan

Other matches that are going on ATM
Gootecks vs Demon Hyo??? Who will winn???

Anymore updates, just post!!!

Go Joe! That’s what i’m talkin about son! Hot shit!

Awesome, sounds like a good event. Whoever finds pictures & more video post the links in here.

The man ain’t gonna hold the Tiger down, let the beast be unleashed!

Hey guys im the one who lost TE stick on this tourney

Whoever you are if you took my stick by mistake, plz give it back to me

Im not sure if it was by mistake though

Mine has a little scratch on bottom of the turbo switches

And duel moded for xbox360 and ps3

If you took it for yourself

Well than you better wish not to be caught

Ill kick you nose with my Taekwondo lol

That sucks man, I hope whoever stole it gets his ass kicked.

Taking sticks is fucking low man.


Moose / Kim in 2012 …I’d vote for them…

I had the pleasure of getting to know One tonight and he’s a mad cool guy with a great attitude towards the game. Whoever took the stick really fucked someone who doesn’t deserve that kind of shit. If anyone sees it at any point, do the right thing and tell an event coordinator- no one should even have to worry about this sort of thing, especially not someone as down-to-earth as One.

Gootecks beats Hyo

sup guys

tommorrow ill update my twitter with more stuff as it happens. like i did today


ill try and update all major matches as they happen.

it was cool playing an entire game of sf4 the whole day lol.


Darksyde has the best quality vid that I’ve seen so far. It’s the full LI Joe vs. Nestor match.

Grats to Joe on winning Sat.'s tourney and qualifying.

MOOSE GS! way to rep VA!

Hopefully One gets his stick back. His Cammy is sick, I’m sitting here in our room at like 4am watching him and Eric Kim go at it.

For those wondering the tourney halted around midnight and will resume at noon. Winners has gone through a good part of the bracket and losers hasn’t been played at all.

Kensk, should get some pictures posted up ? :smiley:

my cell sucks, i dunno how to do that with twitter.

im a social networking noob

hdremix was Sabin/Damdai/Jeron?

So team EC is Justin/Marn/Joe/Arturo/???

5th spot is undecided yet, I guess there will be a tourney tomorrow.
Today was crazy hype…i hope i dont lose lol :frowning: