East Coast Virtua Fighter 5 where you at?

You play vf5?

You on the east coast?

You have xbl?

Are you serious about playing VF?

this thread is for us east coast heads who are playing VF5 and see where we all are in relation to each other for possible tournaments gatherings and the whatnot (I might throw one with money being thrown in the pot)

Bridgeport Connecticut
Characters: Wolf & Akira
xbl gamertag: evoadvan

First post.

Just got a 360 and absolutely lovin this game. Been a long time since I’ve wished VF started to really get a scene going in the US. I got a Saturn before I got a PS1 so I grew up on VF before even really playing Tekken. VF just has that feel to it that I like and was always amused by the cheesy personality of the characters. At least the game is starting to look more stylish these days and the gameplay has improved so much. It’s a great series and definitely deserves the same respect that Tekken gets.

I haven’t gotten started with Live yet since I’m too lazy to take the 360 downstairs where I have the router hooked up. I have a new HDTV in the living room and I’m having a great time just playing with my bro. You can go ahead and add me as a friend though because I look forward to playing online in the next few weeks. Have Verizon Fios so the connection should be good.

BTW…this is kinda off topic but what are the different ways you can download MP3’s on to your 360 hard drive? Like stuff that’s on your computer. I tried ripping music from MP3’s I had on a CD but it would not let me rip them. I could only play them off the CD itself.

I have my 360 on the router, and I have themusic folders set in the preferences. So i just stream the music from the computer

Bronx, New York
Characters: El Blaze
xbl gamertag: none at the moment

Soon enough I’ll be getting a 360, so I’ll be playing online a lot sooner.

I in S.C. and can play decent.

you play on xbl? If so whats your gamertag

Bacardi show them that hate my nigga


I’m on my 360…not finding matches :confused:

Characters:Pai,Eileen,and with some more time possibly Akira

Gamertag:Worthless Scrub

Since i haven’t found a decent connection for matches i all but stopped playing.But if people still play this often shoot me a FR or whatever.I still check my 360 msgs and mail

EDIT:also Devil Jin you can rip CD’s(burned and standard) onto the 360 but not mp3 CDs(just mp3 files on a cd)

yea there have been some issues with some people connecting to live still but once you connect you are more than fine. I will throw you a fr once I get home. I dont play, I AM WOLF!!!

well with vf5 being at mad there is no reason not to go now, especially since alot of vf heads are starting to show interest

Stupid Microsoft. :lol:

Yeah…looks like I’ll be trying to stream music off da comp then.

I got a Hori EX2 stick now so I should try to get online in a little. I’ll add some of you guys to the FL. The joystick on the Hori is decent (not Sanwa quality obviously) but the buttons are atrocious. They only feel slightly better than the ones on the crappy US joysticks that used to get released during the early PS2 days. Hopefully it’s not insanely difficult to at least replace the buttons.

re: music, you can also put all your mp3s on a thumb drive and connect it to the 360, but it seems there’s no way to actually copy them over

It sucks because you can’t make a playlist either unless they are actually downloaded onto the hard drive. Good to know tho.

For some actual good news…a major update for VF5 came out today with bug fixes, new props for outfits, can rematch during non friend matches. Good stuff.

yea I am looking forward to making Wolf look even morelike a stripper


I’ll be lookin for you on this homie. then i gotta hit up Shag for some lessons :lovin:



vf5 is getting bigger and bigger

Did someone call my name? :nunchuck:

I’ve been a hardcore VF player for years and its great that people are finally showing it some attention thanks to online play. I’m willing to give pointers and lessons to anyone in this thread in private matches if they wish.

Bronx, NY
Characters: Goh
xbl gametag: Shagnificent

Added everyone in the thread.hopefully we can get some good matches in. :tup:

Boston, MA
Characters: Jeff & Akira
xbl gamertag: RADN

Added everyone thats posted so far.